At Rentals United we’re always looking for reliable & inspiring news sources, and everyone is encouraged to share their favourite vacation rental newsletters with the rest of the team. So here are the absolute must-have newsletter subscriptions to be inspired and in-the-know. We also list example articles you should be reading now! To stay on top of your game, you got to learn how to play the game… Right? Hit subscribe!


The posts by Lodgify are a MUST read! They’re informative, quirky, and interesting. The articles are targeted to both vacation rental owners and property managers, and they explore topics ranging from technical issues like automated check-ins to vacation rental interior design tips. Check out their article on the 6 Best Practices for Declining Vacation Rental Inquiries and subscribe here!


In one of their articles Rented demonstrates the importance of hiring a property manager, in another they uncover the hidden costs of vacation rentals (check if you’ve got them all covered!)… This is a great blog for seriously good and well-researched topics. They offer advice if you’re considering on buying a rental property – with the numbers to consider, info on how to maximize your ROI (definitely good to know before buying), and how a property manager makes your life easier. Subscribe here!


Hostfully has different sections in their blog, but mostly enjoy their Vacation Rentals articles and Host Tips (most relevant for us, you know). You should definitely take a peek at their article 2-years on Airbnb – 10 pieces of Advice for Those Starting Today. You can thank us later! 😉

Vacation Rental Marketing Blog

The VRMB has blog posts from personal experiences regarding starting a vacation rental business (the ups and downs, the good and bad) to how unprofessional owner profile pictures can lead to loosing bookings. A must-read article is Matt’s Don’t Forget your Guests!: the article points out the 7 ways to improve the guest experience of your vacation rental. Keep in mind that they’re the ones writing your reviews!


NoiseAware does not only produce a genius device for vacation rental owners (the kind you can’t live without!), but also genius content in their blog posts. The posts vary from management tools to upgrades in your vacation rental to increase your raving reviews! Also, get the details on what the vacation rental experts anticipate for 2017 to bring on!

The following two vacation rentals newsletters are actually news aggregators. Meaning they don’t produce news themselves, but they collect the most relevant news articles from multiple sites, saving you the trouble of doing this yourself. Handy, right?


The newsletter by focuses on bringing you weekly updates of the vacation rental industry (hence, the name VRweekly…), and it definitely delivers its promise. The newsletter is an interesting mix of intriguing articles by digital news outlets like Skift and Tnooz, and engaging posts from smaller bloggers who can sometimes go unnoticed. So basically, VRweekly does the research for you! Only thing left to do is to subscribe here and catch up!

The newsletter by gathers the most recent updates of the vacation rental industry. So, whether you’re the owner, the property manager, rental agency or in any way involved (or interested to be) in the industry, subscribing to this newsletter is imperative. Want to know who Airbnb is about to acquire? Subscribe here!

Do you have any personal favorite newsletters? If so, share them with us in the comment section below!