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Luxury vacation rental marketing: tips to market your luxury properties in 2024

Recent years have seen a boom in demand for luxury vacation rentals. More and more travelers opt for vacation rentals over hotels, and high-net-worth guests are looking for outstanding stays in one-of-a-kind properties where every aspect of the experience is tailored to suit their desires.   Luxury property managers face a tough challenge when marketing their […]

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Build a revenue-boosting brand: 7 steps to creating your vacation rental brand strategy

In the vacation rental industry, branding means creating a consistent experience for guests throughout the whole process, from booking to check-in, checkout, and beyond. It’s about establishing your brand values, delivering exceptional quality, and offering a unique experience to ensure guests remember you and book again.  In this article, we’ll explain why developing your vacation […]

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Top 10 Short-Term Rental Courses for Property Managers

The most successful people never stop learning – and this couldn’t be more true for those in the vacation rental sector. Our industry is rapidly changing, and constant learning is key to success. That’s why, in today’s article, we’ve rounded up the top 10 short-term rental courses and educational training sites built by experts for property managers and other vacation rental professionals.

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How to Prepare for a Record-Breaking Ski Trip Booking Season

Do you manage ski chalets or apartments close to popular ski resorts? Your peak booking season may be just about to start. Here’s what you need to do to prepare for the rush and get your business ready for a record-breaking year, from optimising your channel mix to perfecting your listings.