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Rentals United Awarded Vrbo Preferred Connectivity Partner Status

We’re excited to announce that Vrbo, one of the world’s biggest OTAs, has yet again named us one of their Preferred Connectivity Partners. The channel has recognised Rentals United’s impressive channel integration, extensive range of advanced features, and overall contributions to the vacation rental ecosystem. We’re delighted with the news, but our customers stand to […]

The Top 19 Luxury Vacation Rental Websites to Drive Bookings in 2024

As demand for luxury vacation rentals continues to soar, property managers need to be more strategic about their distribution than ever. Here are 11 niche luxury vacation rental websites that target a discerning audience of high-income travellers. List your exclusive rentals and attract the right guest profile without fear of over distribution!

A Guide To Dynamic Pricing for Short-Term Rentals

Dynamic pricing refers to the practice of adjusting prices based on demand, competition, and other external factors. In the short-term rental industry, dynamic pricing allows hosts to maximize revenue by charging higher prices when demand is high and lower prices when demand is low. This pricing strategy, enabled by advanced algorithms and data analytics, is […]

Top tips to save time and increase guest satisfaction with automated messages

Guest messaging is top priority for property managers. Responding to guests quickly and consistently will increase your bookings, help you earn more 5-star reviews, and can even boost your rankings on OTAs. However, it’s extremely time-consuming, especially when you have several properties listed on multiple channels. One of the best ways to improve customer satisfaction […]

Harnessing Technology for Growth: Our Guide

Welcome to the Future of Vacation Rental Management! The vacation rental market is evolving. And it’s not just experiencing growth; it’s undergoing a remarkable surge, thanks to cutting-edge property management technology. This tech opens up unprecedented opportunities for property managers to expand their business and boost revenue. Our exclusive eBook delves into practical insights on […]