Getting Started

Once I sign up, what’s next?

Rentals United - Getting Started
Our software is self-service, but don’t worry - we will walk you through all the essential and advanced options.

Getting started Rentals United should be considered a project for your company. At the beginning it's an investment of your time and effort, but once it is all set up, you will have all the tools to master your online distribution, increase your bookings and save time with the comfort of knowing we will be there making sure everything keeps syncing.

Our proven “Customer Performance” model goes like this:


Account configuration


Sales Channels Connection


Features and Growth

Need more time? We will arrange it, no problem! Don’t have time? Then please sign up with us another day!

We need your full attention and focus during the first stages of our partnership.

Stage 1: Account configuration

Stage 1: Account configuration

You will meet your implementation specialist who will provide you a guided tour of our platform to help you navigate with ease. Together, you will review and ensure that the account and properties are ready for sales channels configuration. If work is needed, you will be assigned homework to be completed before the next follow up call. Sales channel connections cannot be done until your account and properties meet the minimum requirements. 

Once completed, you will together with your implementation specialist set up goals on what sales channels to connect with for the next part of your onboarding.

...[providing homework was done]....

...[providing homework was done]....

Stage 2: Sales Channels Connection

Your implementation specialist will advise you on how to navigate your Rentals United account for channel connection and configuration.

Sign-ups can differ from one channel to the next, and some channels you already work with might ask you to sign a new agreement. Your implementation specialist will give you extensive documentation on each to help you understand specific requirements and processes for sign-up. The channels defined setup process and your responsiveness and ability to complete tasks required by the channels will affect the time to get connected. 

We will check your homework and advise on other channels that fit your property type, location or traveller profile, thus becoming a perfect new source for more bookings.

We will answer any questions you have and check to see if your connections are all well established & working smoothly.

...[providing homework was done]....

...[providing homework was done]....

Stage 3: Features and Growth

Based on the channels connected and the specific requirements of your account setup, your implementation specialist will advise you how to best optimise your distribution.  

Your onboarding is now coming to an end, you have developed the skills to use Rentals United platform yourself. From this moment, you will have at your disposal the support team who will assist via email for any technical assistance required. 

Property managers who work with 20+ properties will be introduced to their Key Accounts Manager, who from then on will be your point of contact for any business-related questions and distribution optimisation.

You’re now done and ready to manage your account successfully!


No, they're not. Some listing sites add their commission on top of the prices you save. These channels want your net rates. Other channels will charge their commission from the prices you save. For the later, you have the possibility to mark your rates up to cover for their commission. We inform you in details how the channels work after you sign-up.