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The Top 19 Luxury Vacation Rental Websites to Drive Bookings in 2024

As demand for luxury vacation rentals continues to soar, property managers need to be more strategic about their distribution than ever. Here are 11 niche luxury vacation rental websites that target a discerning audience of high-income travellers. List your exclusive rentals and attract the right guest profile without fear of over distribution!

The Ultimate Guide to Partnering with Big OTAs whilst Maintaining Rental Control

Listing on major OTAs puts your properties in front of millions of global travellers, increasing your chances of getting consistent bookings. However, for some property managers, the price of this exposure is a reduction in the control they have over their rentals. This is especially problematic for luxury property managers, who need to be able […]

From Ordinary to Opulent: The Art of Marketing Luxury Properties

In the ever-evolving landscape of the vacation rental market, the role of a luxury property manager is taking centre stage, offering a world of enticing possibilities. As travellers increasingly seek out exclusive, top-tier accommodations, the demand for luxury vacation rentals has surged to new heights. Combined with the newfound freedom of remote work, this has […]

Reach the Most Exclusive Luxury Guests Through Smiling House

“Whoever is dealing with luxury, it doesn’t matter where you are in the world, we understand your journey, and we understand your guests’ journey,” says Moriya Rockman, founder of Smiling House. Rentals United has partnered with niche travel platform Smiling House, and by listing on the platform you can expose your luxury properties to international jet-setters and travel professionals.

How to Market Luxury Vacation Rentals: A 3-Pillar Strategy for 2022

The luxury vacation rental market is booming. Property managers have a never-seen-before opportunity to attract high-value bookings and generate incremental revenue. But marketing luxury vacation rentals is an art in itself. In this article, we explore how to strategically market and distribute your high-end rentals, with insights from luxury rental experts.