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How to use AI for vacation rentals

Around 100 million people currently use ChatGPT, and as that number grows, the impact of artificial intelligence will be felt across almost every industry you can think of. Travel is no exception, and in fact, travellers are already using AI to compare prices, get recommendations and plan and book ideal trips from start to finish. […]

10 Ways to Use Smart Home Technology for Vacation Rentals

Smart home technology is quickly becoming a feature of daily life. As of 2022, 57.4 million households in the US use smart home devices at least once a month.  So, one of the best ways to upgrade your properties is to invest in smart home technology for vacation rentals. Guests will enjoy the familiar comfort […]

7 Essential Tools for Running a Vacation Rental Business

Being a vacation rental host means keeping up with property maintenance, organising cleaning schedules, communicating with guests, coordinating check-ins, managing listings across all your channels, and much more.  The right combination of tools can make life as a vacation rental host much easier (and more profitable!) Vacation rental apps can help you: Run your business […]

Provide a 5-Star Guest Experience with our Smart Guest Communication

Guest communication is one of your top priorities as a vacation rental host, as failure to respond quickly to messages can result in lost bookings and negative reviews. But communicating with guests is time-consuming and overwhelming, especially if you list properties on several channels. You have to log in to each channel to check your […]