20 New Listing Sites Coming Soon to Rentals United + 6 New Live Channels

Boost your visibility in 2021 by getting listed on as many channels as possible. Target travel nurses, mid-term guests, pet owners, business travellers, military employees, golf and skis enthusiasts, campers and more with these 26 new listing sites.


The Secret Sauce of Large Property Managers- Interview With Turnkey Co-Founder and President T.J.Clark

The secret sauce of large property managers is back. This time we have interviewed the Co-Founder and President of Turnkey Vacation Rentals, one of the largest property management companies in the USA with over 6,000 units. Find out what makes them so successful, from strategy to operations, technology and distribution.


2021 Vacation Rental Industry Trends from the Rentals United Team

Is your property management business prepared for 2021? Here are our internal trends from Rentals United team and co-founders Emil Majkowski, James Burrows and Vanessa de Souza Lage for what’s to come in 2021.


Looking Back: Our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2020

What did you, our treasured community members like to read about the most this year? We’ve rounded up the top 10 posts from our vacation rental blog, full of industry insights, expert advice and exciting tech trends we picked up on over the course of 2020.

2020 booking trends – hometogo

How Travel Has Changed in 2020: Exclusive Stats From HomeToGo

2020 has been a year unlike any other – and it completely redefined travel. In this blog post, we’ll cover how the booking habits of vacation rental guests travelling to the UK and Spain changed this year, from the most-searched destinations to the top amenities and the average booking window.


When Will Guests Start to Book Again? The 2021 Date You Should Be Ready For!

The first huge swell in bookings is touted to begin after the winter holidays. Get your marketing distribution ready for 2021 when the world will start travelling overseas again.

vacation rental guest screening

Vacation Rental Guest Screening: How to Handle ID Verification in 2021

Protecting rental properties from damage should be top of mind for all property managers. Knowing who your guests are and how they intend to use your rental is especially important now that the winter party season is getting closer. Let’s look at the best ways to handle guest screening and ID verification now and in the new year.

niche vacation rental websites

Top 40+ Niche Vacation Rental Websites

Diversifying your distribution is key to getting bookings in 2021. We’ve put together a complete guide on niche vacation rental websites so you can start including them in your marketing strategy today.

Property managers reselling their tech – opportunities in B2B software for vacation rentals

Property Managers Selling Their Software: Opportunities in the B2B Tech Space

Many of the world’s most successful property managers build their own technology solutions to fuel their growth. What’s more, some have started reselling their tech to other companies, enabling them to scale their operations. Here are 3 stories of property managers tapping into the opportunities the B2B software market has to offer.

vrtech – vacation rental tech community

VRTECH: The Vacation Rental Tech Community Gets a New Identity

The world’s largest vacation rental tech community is back! VrTech has had a facelift – and we are proud to present our new look and our new motivations to continue the work we started 5 years ago. Here’s what to expect from VrTech in the future and how to become a member.