kayak global metasearch engine

Get listed on KAYAK, a Global Travel Metasearch Engine with Rentals United

Need more exposure for your vacation rentals? Get listed on the global travel metasearch engine KAYAK. The KAYAK family of brands boasts a one-of-a-kind global network that attracts travellers from all corners of the world. And best of all: Rentals United can fast track your application.

property management kpis

The 8 Best Property Management KPIs to Track

Tracking your property management KPIs is the only way to truly know if your business is a success or heading for trouble. But tracking absolutely everything is a one-way ticket to overwhelm and burnout. Here’s why it’s crucial to track property management KPIs, the 8 most effective ones to measure and our favourite tools to help you do it.


10 Vacation Rental Events to Attend in 2022

Vacation rental events are back in full force – and we couldn’t be more excited! See our top picks for conferences where you can learn from industry experts, network with fellow property managers and discover the latest technology innovations.

vacation rental statistics

Vacation Rental Statistics and Trends 2022

The future looks bright for vacation rentals in 2022. Travellers are returning to the market with gusto, property managers are optimistic about recovery and revenue is projected to rise significantly over the next 12 months. See our list of the latest and most compelling vacation rental statistics and trends for 2022.

vacation rental revenue management

Vacation Rental Revenue Management: How to Optimise Your Strategy in 2022

Does your revenue management strategy need a revamp? In this article, revenue management expert John deRoulet shares his best tips on how to hit your revenue goals in 2022. Find out what KPIs to track, how to make distribution and revenue management work together, how to talk to homeowners about revenue management and more.

vacation rental damage insurance

Vacation Rental Damage Insurance: How to Protect Your Rentals

Looking to upgrade your vacation rental damage insurance policy? Here’s how to protect your homeowners’ properties and your company’s reputation, with damage protection best practices from SUPERHOG COO Andrew Boldt.

how to improve booking.com ranking

How to Improve Your Booking.com Ranking in 6 Steps

Want to get more reservations from Booking.com? There are actionable steps you can take to push your listings to the top of search results. Here are 6 ways to improve your Booking.com ranking and boost the visibility of your vacation rental properties.

Global Vacation Rental Report-cover

Global Vacation Rental Report 2022

In partnership with Transparent, we bring you the Global Vacation Rental Report 2022, a deep dive into property manager behaviour and sentiment around the world. Check out the highlights and download the report for the latest global insights on operations, distribution, technology adoption, pricing strategies and data usage.

how to market luxury vacation rentals

How to Market Luxury Vacation Rentals: A 3-Pillar Strategy for 2022

The luxury vacation rental market is booming. Property managers have a never-seen-before opportunity to attract high-value bookings and generate incremental revenue. But marketing luxury vacation rentals is an art in itself. In this article, we explore how to strategically market and distribute your high-end rentals, with insights from luxury rental experts.

luxury vacation rental websites

The Top 10 Luxury Vacation Rental Websites That Drive Bookings in 2022

As demand for luxury vacation rentals continues to soar, property managers need to be more strategic about their distribution than ever. Here are 10 niche luxury vacation rental websites that target a discerning audience of high-income travellers. List your exclusive rentals and attract the right guest profile without fear of over distribution!