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Grow your business with SEO: Our Guide to supercharge your bookings

How to get more bookings from your vacation rental website and grow your business with SEO Why is SEO important? Direct bookings are profitable, commission-free, and a great way to build long-term relationships with guests. Publishing your website is the first step. But once your site is live, you need to attract plenty of traffic […]

Attracting Digital Nomads to Your Vacation Rental Properties

The digital nomad lifestyle has exploded in popularity over the last few years. With remote work becoming commonplace, more people are embracing location-independent careers that allow them to travel the world while working. As a vacation rental owner, tapping into this fast-growing market represents a lucrative opportunity.  However, effectively marketing to digital nomads requires understanding […]

Spotlighting Your Property: How to find and market your unique selling point

In today’s competitive vacation rental market, guests are looking for more than just a place to stay. Your property needs to stand out to get bookings. Whether you’re showcasing your property on major channels like Airbnb or, specialised channels tailored to your property type, or managing your independent booking website, the key to success […]

Get more Airbnb bookings with a complete profile and listing

Crafting a strong Airbnb profile and listing will help you get more bookings and increase your profits.  Both your listing and profile must: Show off all your property’s best features Provide potential guests with key information Make a great first impression and build trust with guests Rank well in search for maximum visibility  But creating […]

Airbnb Marketing Strategy: 5 Proven Methods to Boost Conversions

If you haven’t started advertising your rentals on Airbnb yet, now’s the time. With Rentals United, you can manage your listings on an Instant Book or Request to Book basis*; we give you all the tools to optimise your listings and boost your conversions; and we make sure you don’t miss out on bookings from the world’s largest vacation rental OTA. In today’s blog post, we’ll give you all the reasons why you should get listed on Airbnb and how to build a foolproof Airbnb marketing strategy.

Airbnb SEO: How to Rank Higher on Airbnb

Today, there are over 7 million listings on Airbnb worldwide. So how can you make sure that your listings stand out and appear on top of Airbnb search results? Here are 9 tried-and-true tactics that you can implement to master Airbnb SEO, increase your listings' visibility and improve your conversion rate.