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Lesson 7: So you’ve mastered Airbnb: What’s next?

Once you’re making consistent profit from successful Airbnb listings, it’s time to grow your business beyond one channel. Diversifying your revenue streams is the key to growth and increased revenue.  Now you’ve mastered Airbnb, we’ll show you how to reach the next level.  In Lesson 7:  Must-have major channels Finding the right specialist channels for […]

Lesson 6: How to get 5* reviews 

Reviews are a huge decision-making factor for guests.  When you have plenty of 5* reviews, guests know they can trust you, and Airbnb will rank your listing higher in search results.  In Lesson 6: Why excellent reviews matter How to earn more 5-star reviews Managing negative reviews Using feedback to improve your property and guest […]

Lesson 5: Don’t just host – be a SUPER host

To stand out among the millions of other properties on Airbnb, you must go above and beyond to make the guest experience impeccable.  It’s not enough to be a host. You need to become a SUPER host!  Here, we’ll explain everything you need to do to deliver 5-star guest experiences and earn Airbnb’s coveted Superhost […]

Lesson 4: Day to day maintenance

The day to day work of vacation rentals means making sure your property is always ready to welcome guests when you have bookings.  Getting plenty of bookings and great reviews depends on keeping your property in excellent condition, and regular maintenance can also reduce unexpected expenses. In this lesson, we’ll discuss what you need to […]

Lesson 3: Pricing your property

Pricing your property correctly is the key to profitability. However, it can be one of the most difficult aspects of running your Airbnb business. This is because you must constantly adapt your nightly rate according to various factors. Here, we’ll demystify pricing your Airbnb, so you know what you should be charging. In lesson 3: […]

Lesson 2: Legendary Listings

Once you’ve sorted the Airbnb basics, it’s time to make your listing shine! Your listing is how you’ll convince guests to book your property.  Here, we’ll explain everything you must do to make your listing stand out. In lesson 2: Why listing quality matters How to create a perfect Airbnb listing (and profile): you must-have […]