Once you’ve sorted the Airbnb basics, it’s time to make your listing shine!

Your listing is how you’ll convince guests to book your property. 

Here, we’ll explain everything you must do to make your listing stand out.

In lesson 2:

  • Why listing quality matters
  • How to create a perfect Airbnb listing (and profile): you must-have checklist
  • Measure your listing quality with our free Check My Listing tool

Why listing quality matters

On Airbnb, you’re competing against 5 million hosts with 7.7 million property listings.

Guests are spoilt for choice when searching for the perfect vacation rental. So, you must craft an outstanding listing to convince guests to book with you.

With a good quality listing, you’ll get:

  • More bookings — Guests will use your listing to decide if your property is right for them. Great listings get more bookings!
  • Better ranking—A complete listing containing all relevant information is more likely to appear higher in search results, especially in filtered searches. Ranking higher will also equate to more bookings. 

Your listing should show off your property’s best features, provide key information, and make a great first impression to build trust with potential guests.

How to create a perfect Airbnb listing

There are two aspects to consider here: your host profile and your property listing.

Here are 5 steps to complete both.

1. Complete your host profile

Your Airbnb host profile will reassure guests that you are trustworthy and professional. 

In three easy steps, you can complete your profile and instantly boost your credibility on Airbnb:

  • Add a profile picture — A profile picture instantly makes you look more trustworthy. Take a decent-quality headshot that makes you look friendly and approachable.
  • Get verified — Airbnb says guests are more likely to book with hosts who’ve verified their profiles. During the verification process, you’ll have to provide personal information like your legal name and address, a photo of your government ID, and a photo that matches your ID.
  • Write a bio — Describe who you are and what you offer. Talk about your connection to the local area, what you love about hosting and why guests should book with you. You can also mention your hobbies which can be a great way to connect with guests with similar interests.

Your host bio should read something like:

Hi, I’m João!

I look forward to hosting you at my beautiful apartment in the heart of Lisbon. I was born and raised in this vibrant city, and I have a deep love for its history, culture, and food. I’ve been welcoming guests for five years and love sharing my local knowledge to enhance their experiences.

My apartment is conveniently located in the Alfama district, just steps away from some of the best viewpoints, quaint cafes, and live music venues. My place offers a comfortable and convenient base for exploring all the attractions of Lisbon.

My hobbies include discovering new restaurants and hiking in the nearby Sintra mountains. I speak Portuguese, English, and some Spanish. I’m here to help you with any questions or recommendations during your stay.

I look forward to helping you make the most out of your visit to Lisbon!

In future lessons, we’ll also cover how responding to guest messages quickly and earning badges (like Superhost) can improve your host profile (and have other benefits!) 

2. Check off amenities

Go through the list of Airbnb amenities and check off all that apply to your property. 

Selecting all your amenities helps you:

  • Attract more bookings — Guests will be more likely to book your property if they can see you have desirable amenities like a garden, swimming pool, jacuzzi, games room, etc. 
  • Appear in searches — Guests often filter their searches for properties that have certain amenities. When you have all your amenities checked, your property will appear in those searches! 

While certain amenities might not seem important to you, that doesn’t mean they won’t be to guests. Ensure everything your property offers is checked off, from parking availability to air-conditioning or wifi.

3. Upload high-quality photos

Listing photos give potential guests a glimpse of your property. 

Beautiful images will show all the best features of your home and help guests imagine themselves there. 

Some tips for great property photos:

  • Stage your property before photography sessions — Ensure the home is clean and clutter-free.
  • Take photos in daylight — You want the property to look bright and inviting, so take plenty of photos during the daytime.
  • Get the right format — The resolution for Airbnb listing photos should be at least 1024px x 683px, and landscape images will showcase your property best.
  • Include pictures of all rooms and outdoor space — Have at least one image of every room, and choose your top asset to be the first photo to appear. Take photos of special amenities like your fireplace, barbecue pit, or terrace with a breathtaking view.

Hiring a professional photographer will be a worthwhile investment to ensure your listing photos are high quality.

Airbnb offers a photography service in some locations. 

4. Write an accurate property description

Your property description should be accurate and encourage guests to book.

Make sure to:

  • Write a catchy title that makes guests want to click. Include descriptive words like “beachfront”, “city-center”, “modern”, “traditional”, etc.
  • Describe all the best features of your property and what makes it unique. Tell a story that truly captures the essence of the property. 
  • Explain what type of guests your property is best suited for, i.e., large groups, couples, families with young kids. 
  • Mention nearby tourist attractions and things guests can do during their stay.

Here is an example of how your property description could look:


About This Space

Discover Bali’s hidden gem tucked amidst volcanic cliffs. This stunning location boasts a black sand beach complemented by the rhythmic sound of the waves, making it an ideal retreat.

The Space

The Beach House presents a generously sized master bedroom with an expansive living area mere steps from the shoreline, offering prime views of the surf.

This retreat is equipped with a full kitchen, WiFi access, and a vast sun deck, all facing a private pool right by the beach.

Daily housekeeping, fresh drinking water, and a sumptuous catered breakfast featuring locally sourced eggs, freshly baked sourdough, granola, yogurt, and a selection of tropical fruits are included in your stay.

Evening meals are available upon request. Additionally, numerous Western and Indonesian dining options are located just a five-minute walk along the beach. 

For relaxation, you can book in-villa massages and spa treatments.

The villa is about a 2 hour drive from Bali’s International Airport. We recommend booking our trusted, English-speaking drivers for airport transfers to ensure smooth travel directly to our villa.

Looking to explore? We can organize day trips to West Bali’s snorkeling spots, the iconic Tanah Lot temple at sunset, or scenic drives through Bali’s UNESCO-listed rice terraces and volcanic landscapes. Shoppers can venture out to Ubud or Kuta for a variety of markets and stores.

The Beach House is an oasis of tranquility, designed for complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy impeccable service from our hospitable staff and the serene panorama during your perfect tropical holiday.

Guest Access

Guests have exclusive access to all amenities during their stay, including the private beachside pool, lounge areas, kitchen, and the lush garden surroundings.

Additional Information

Situated in a peaceful, rural area, The Beach House offers a serene getaway far from crowded tourist spots, ideal for those wishing to unwind in a tranquil setting.


5. Maximize positive reviews

Your reviews and average review scores will appear on your listing and influence guests when making booking decisions.

Guests are more likely to book properties with plenty of positive reviews. Airbnb also ranks listings with good review scores higher up in search results. 

Delivering 5-star experiences for all guests will help you earn more excellent reviews. We’ll go into more detail about how to maximize your positive reviews in Lesson 6.

Tools to improve your listings

Improving your listing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Check My Listing is a free tool that analyzes your listing quality and provides actionable tips to improve.

Any property manager with an Airbnb listing can use Check My Listing. 

All you have to do is go to Check My Listing and enter the URL of your Airbnb listing.

You’ll then receive a listing quality score, plus personalized recommendations for how to improve. 

Try Check My Listing to see how you can improve your listing now! 

Your checklist for successful listings:

  • Complete your host profile with a detailed bio and profile picture, and get verified by Airbnb.
  • Select all your property’s amenities to help attract guests and appear in more searches.
  • Upload plenty of high-quality, professional property photos.
  • Write an accurate description of your property explaining why guests should book a stay.
  • Prioritize guest experience to earn as many reviews as possible.
  • Use CheckMyListing to enhance your listings for free.

Enjoyed this? Jump to the next lesson to continue your journey from Airbnb beginner to master. 

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