The more 5-star reviews you have, the more bookings you’re likely to get on Airbnb. Not only that – high review scores mean you can increase your ADR and earn more from every stay.

One way to get more excellent reviews is to improve your listing accuracy. An accurate listing means guests know exactly what to expect when they arrive, and they won’t be disappointed.

Here, you’ll find some tips on why and how to improve your listing accuracy.

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Why 5-star vacation rental reviews matter

Great reviews make a massive difference to your occupancy and income.

Looking at statistics from our Rentals United Data Studio, we found that listings with higher Average Review Scores on Airbnb sold at a higher ADR, regardless of how many reviews the listings had.

We also learned that listings with higher Average Review Scores sold at a higher ADR, regardless of the number of bedrooms. So, with enough 5-star reviews, a 2-bedroom property could potentially charge more than a 3 or 4-bedroom property.

For larger properties, reviews had an even bigger impact on ADR.

There are plenty more reasons to focus on improving your vacation rental reviews:

  • Get more visibility on OTAs — OTAs like Airbnb prioritise properties with high review scores in search results. Having plenty of good reviews is one way to improve your Airbnb SEO.
  • Increase your occupancy — 5-star reviews help increase your occupancy. Reviews are a critical decision-making factor for guests when booking a vacation rental.
  • Build trust with your guests — Guests will instantly find you more trustworthy if you have many great reviews on your listing and a high overall score.
  • Improve your rental for future guests — Positive reviews show you what guests appreciate most, and negative ones can help you learn what you need to improve.
  • Identify your top-performing rentals — With a property analytics tool like Rentals United’s Data Studio, you can see your top-rated rentals and identify the ones which are not performing as well.

How listing accuracy leads to better reviews

There are many ways to improve guest reviews, from performing regular property maintenance to offering upsells, cross-sells, premium welcome packs and more.

But a straightforward approach to increasing your average guest rating is to ensure your listings are accurate.

If your listing isn’t accurate, guests might arrive at a property that looks different from the description and photos. Their stay begins on a bad note if the property is much smaller and not as well-equipped or comfortable as they were expecting, and it can be hard to win them over and earn a good review.

It’s no surprise that listing accuracy is one of Airbnb’s four Reliability Standards, along with cleanliness, communication and commitment. Airbnb recognises that if guests’ expectations aren’t met, they’ll feel deceived, which could damage guests’ trust in your brand (and Airbnb) and reduce your likelihood of future bookings.

Ways to improve your listing accuracy

So, how can you improve your listing accuracy? Here are some steps you can take to ensure your listings are as accurate as possible.

  • Take high-quality photos — Plenty of professional photos can help guests picture themselves staying in the property. Make sure the property is clean and styled for the shoot.
  • Write an accurate description — Write a detailed, accurate description of the property and its location, mentioning all your USPs.
  • Add all amenities — Make sure you add all your property’s amenities, especially the most in-demand ones
  • Communicate and give clear instructions — Explain how check-in works, and provide plenty of relevant information, like guide books for the local area.
  • Respect booking details — Don’t change details after the booking, for example, changing the check-in process, raising the prices, or even substituting the property for a similar unit.
  • Optimise listings with Rentals United — With Rentals United you can optimise your listings to boost conversions and get more reviews with Rentals United. Our Quality Checker can identify gaps in your content that could help your listings perform better. Use our Property Health Card to audit your listings and pinpoint any adjustments you can make to increase conversions.

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