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The Only Tool You Need to Create the Perfect Listings

Our Quality Checker has been specifically designed to help you find gaps in your content and speedily create perfect listings, improving both bookings and performance on OTAs.

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High-Converting Content Simplified!

The Quality Checker tool automatically assesses the information from your listings and identifies missing pieces of content. It provides a tailored report that will specify if your listing meets the requirements of most sales channels, and if they don’t, the Quality Checker shows you what needs to be improved so you can go live on sales channels without delay.

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How it Works

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Upload and Run the report!

Upload your properties to Rentals United and run the report. From there you’ll see a status icon that shows whether it’s ready to be connected to OTAs or your listing needs some work:

- Green tick: your listing meets all our requirements and can go live on channels.

- Yellow mark: your listing is incomplete. It needs improvement before it can go live.

You will be able to go through each property and amend the listing quality from the recommendations the Quality Checker provides, using this tool is the fastest way to get your new inventory online or go live on new channels.

Why content matters!

After years of working closely with the major OTAs and niche listing sites, we’ve repeatedly seen that better listing quality = more conversions. We understand what a successful listing should look like and that time is of the essence. With Quality Checker, you will never miss out on opportunities because of time wasted on onboarding. We help our clients efficiently create the perfect listing that will improve their performance on OTAs and attract more bookings.

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