TRANSPARENT is a vacation rental data intelligence platform operating since 2016. With offices in Madrid and San Francisco, their analytics and dashboards are crucial to many property management companies, large and small. We talk with CEO Pierre Becerril who explains why vacation rental data should matter to all professionals.


TRANSPARENT is the global leader in providing data intelligence for the vacation rental industry. We were founded in 2016 to empower property managers to make smarter revenue, distribution and investment decisions. Our team of 20 employees tracks 22 million vacation rental listings across all of the main platforms and every month we analyze millions of reservations to offer unique industry insights.”

Who benefits from the data you provide?

“Our clients are professional property managers, most of them have at least 10 properties. They are looking to better understand their market in order to maximize total revenue. Our data and dashboards are mostly used to:

  1. Compare daily rates with competitors
  2. Analyse demand and upcoming events
  3. Track supply and improve pricing


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What vacation rental data surprises property managers the most?

“Most property managers and owners find their competitor data surprising; they get powerful insights. Our software tracks public data and allows our clients and partners to see their market and competitors’ rates and occupancy. Most of the time, it shows them where they have made pricing errors, resulting in a lower rate or occupancy, or on the contrary, where they did a great job”

What trends in vacation rental pricing have you seen in 2018 so far?

“We see a big trend towards increased sophistication in setting rates. Most large property managers have an in-house revenue manager and many update their rates daily. In our European Vacation Rental Survey, completed in partnership with European national associations, we unveil that in 2018, 33% of property managers with more than 100 properties update their prices on a daily basis. The full report is due to be released in October 2018. It took many years for the hotel industry to get there: we can be proud that our industry is getting more and more sophisticated to optimize performance through active revenue management.”

Any other trend that caught your attention?

“There is a number that we’d like to share: 1 of every 4 US dollars spent globally by travellers for lodging is spent on a vacation rental, not a traditional hotel. This is a very important number that needs to be used for advocacy around the world and show that our industry has a huge economic impact that regulators need to take into account. We are a very fragmented industry that lacks data, and we see one of our major roles as being evangelists for the importance of our industry in the world’s travel sector.

Another interesting trend that we think reflects the maturation of our industry is that instantly bookable inventory now represents more than half of the total supply in most countries. For instance, 57% of all listings in the US are on instant book. Our industry is getting more and more competitive compared to the traditional hotel inventory and the booking experience for the traveller has dramatically improved. That contributes to our industry growth.

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