We’re no doctors but there are certain sure physical signs that a Vacation Rental Manager needs a Property Management System. If you’re scratching your head wondering what a PMS is, or if you do know but are not using one yet, we very much advise you to read on. You may find trashing the old excel sheet daunting but if you’re experiencing any of these dreadful symptoms, it could be that you’re ripe for a move!

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Quick definition of a Property Management System (PMS) for vacation rentals: an online space where you can keep and organise all the information regarding your vacation rental business. These may include bookings, client communications, accounting, calendars, prices, statistics, property information and more. Rentals United integrates with various Top Property Management Systems adding advanced distribution tools to their services.

Symptom 1: Scratching your head a lot

The vacation rental market has become a lot more complex and you realise that you could make more business but you’re not sure how to tackle it. After all you don’t have much time to think about it all. While it’s a bit of a learning curve at first, a Property Management System will free your time in the long run and therefore allow you to make better strategic choices.


Symptom 2: Cringing every time you look at your website

Your website is out-of-date and you know you should be adding the latest photos and amenities but you think “no one visits it anyway” and you even contemplate taking it off your signature. Stop right there! Most PMSs give you content management and state-of-the-art website templates with plugins you’ve been dreaming of. We’re not saying you’ll suddenly appear top page 1 but a nice looking, accurate website can help convince new clients to book and old clients to come back.

Symptom 3:The word “Accounting” making your stomach turn

Budget planning, expenses, taxes, profit & loss… do these words make your stomach turn? Well, you’re not alone so some of these PMSs have integrated accounting tools specific for the vacation rental manager. Clients report this as one of the major benefits of using Property Management Systems to have accounting and reporting all in one.

Symptom 4: Squinting hard to look at your excel sheet

You thought that excel sheet was the bees knees when you first started it. “Woha! Look at how it all adds up automatically!”. Now you need a new pair of glasses to see the numbers… Top PMSs will show you key info in a user-friendly way and make sure it’s responsive so you can see it on your mobile too. Good news is some Property Management Systems allow you to upload your excel sheets to them directly so that the transition from offline to online happens more smoothly.


Symptom 5: You faint when the owner calls up asking for stats

oh the dreaded moment when you the property manager needs to come up with the stats that’ll keep you in the job. How about it’s all done for you in beautiful charts and ready to send PDFs? Even if you’re property owner, wouldn’t it be nice to actually know your current and projected occupancy rate? Some of the PMS out there offer great stats packages to make your life easier.

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