Are your properties distributed to targeted audiences on niche vacation rental listing sites? Do you know which unique sites are the most suitable for your market, guest preferences, property type or region? We have asked our top performers your frequent questions and we’re ready to share them, starting with misterb&b – household name in the gay community! Find the answers below.

Who are misterb&b?

Founded in 2014 by Matthieu Jost, we are a niche vacation rental listing site and the largest gay community in the world with over 250.000 hosts in 135 countries.

What’s your mission?

misterb&b aims to create a short-term rental service by and for gay men, not only to provide a safe and comfortable experience, but also one where gay men can connect and expand their sense of community. We enable gay men to earn money from their spare space and affordably travel the world feeling welcome anywhere they go.

Who are your travellers?

Our users travel on average 3 times internationally a year, with an average length stay of 3.5 nights. 55% are solo travelers and most of them are gay men. misterb&b is very inclusive, but only 5% of our users are women for now.

Which are your most successful destinations today?

By far, are most successful and Top 10 destinations are: Paris, New York, London, Barcelona, Los Angeles, Berlin, Amsterdam, Madrid, San Francisco and Chicago.

What do successful listings on your site do differently?

A complete and full description of the hosts is essential to be part of our community.

Where are you looking to expand?

We are already in 135 countries and we are dramatically increasing our inventory in our Top 10 cities. We get a huge demand of LGBT travelers throughout the world and ours is a community of frequent travelers – LGBTs travel 1.5 more than average.

How do you market yourself?

We do brand awareness with investment in advertising, we recruit new users though events and meetups, we set up partnerships with related events/organizations, we work a lot on digital campaigns, social medias and influencers.

What are the advantages of working with Rentals United?

The opportunity to connect with the major channel manager in the world, providing an efficient technology, easy to manage product and great support.

Connect to misterb&b from your Rentals United account – it’s fast and easy.

  • Commission: 4%
  • Do I need to create an account? No, Rentals United creates the account and the ads for you
  • Any restrictions? Only gay-friendly accommodation accepted
  • Payment: misterb&b will charge the guests and you’ll receive the payment 24 hours after check-in

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