Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory stands out among the most well-known motivation theories and it’s one of the most important theories in psychology. As indicated by Maslow, individuals have specific needs and they are driven by their desire to fulfill them. We looked at applying Maslow theory to Vacation Rentals. Check this infographic out detailing how you can improve your vacation rental marketing based on this important psychology theory.

Maslow organized different needs in various leveled order, putting physiological necessities at the base of the pyramid, followed by safety needs and the needs for belonging and love, esteem needs, and, at the highest point of the hierarchy, self-realization needs. He stated that the lower-level needs should be fulfilled before more higher-level needs become crucial.

Travel motivation reflects people needs and the same needs can be seen as a basic variable in connection to their purchase choices. Maslow theory helps us to comprehend the distinctive necessities that inspire travelers, being critical for service providers to understand what sorts of experience voyagers look for, particularly for specific groups of individuals.

It’s viewed as a helpful tool for understanding consumer inspirations, creating an effective marketing plan, implementing proper advertising strategies and as the basis for market segmentation and product positioning because consumer goods and services often serve to satisfy each of the needs levels.

The determinants of travel decision-making and the compelling variables would also be analyzed since they are related the travel motivations. Comprehension of explorers’ choices is essential to foresee future travel patterns!