Said to add $14.2 trillion to the global economy by 2030, the Internet of Things or Smart Home devices connected to the internet, are the talk of the moment. Maybe you already own a few smart light bulbs, a smart mattress cover or splashed on a Wi-Fi enable fridge but have you thought on how the internet of things can make your vacation rental smarter? Let’s look at how smart home control could be applied to holiday rentals.



Innovative company Nest created a fire alarm that could be connected to the vacation rental’s owner smartphone: if the sensor detect a fire the owner would be immediately warned by SMS or Email. Nest even speaks to your guests in case of an alert and tells them where the smoke is in the house and how dangerous it is. All of this for only 109 €! We reckon that’s a sound investment.


Energy management is a big topic in the holiday rental industry. We all know that travellers tend to watch their energy consumption a lot less in a vacation rental than at home. Samsung was the first of the electro domestics suppliers to propose smart appliances. Their smart home app operates the fridge, washing machine, television etc.. so less energy is consumed. Twine is another way to have your home connected, and to manage energy. Equipped with sensors it detects temperatures and vibrations, and enables you to turn the heat off in your own home if nobody is there.


Keyless access control set up by Pointcentral is right on the spot for cutting the cost of check-ins and check-outs. This system will enable you to open and close your door remotely, only with a pin, no key problems anymore. The system is accessible from any web enabled tools (computer, smart phone, tablet), which enables you to program remotely, allowing you to view reports and add/delete users in real-time.

On top of it all it improves the security of the door by recording all check-ins and outs with date and time; and if there is a problem, sending an immediate alert to the owner of the holiday rental.



There are many smart burglar alarms on the Internet of things market but the Scout system caught our eye. This wireless alarm records everything that happens in your vacation rental and sends you SMS or Email if it deems it relevant. How does it deem it relevant? That’s why this is the only smart alarm that can be used for holiday rentals: you set the parameters of the alarm. Ideally you combine it with the Keyless door (see below) and there you have the safest and smartest holiday rental on the market. The core sensor costs $129.


Now imagine you have in your vacation rental the smart fire alarm, the smart energy management sensors, the smart fridge, the keyless door and the smart burglar, all working neatly to provide cost efficiency and safety. Your holiday home is now smart but have stopped looking smart constantly checking various applications to see if everything runs smoothly. So here’s the trick you ought to use: a smart hub app. That app will connect to all smart devices and allow you to not only operate them but also connect them with each other. So you tell your smart burglar alarm only to notify you if there was a check-out on the keyless door. Clever isn’t it? If you want to find out more, this guy tested smart hubs.


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