Interior designing a vacation rental can be a difficult task. Knowing the tastes of all the different types of people that will be staying there is frankly, impossible. Having the time to do it, when we barely have time to eat breakfast on most days, is potentially an even greater challenge. But unfortunately there isn’t an app for growing money (yet?!) so investing in your vacation rental is the next best thing. Read on for some killer creative and simple design tips that will not only turn your rental into something straight out of a magazine but will also put you on track to get more bookings than Copacabana on New Year’s Eve!

1. Be Durable

A vacation home can suffer a lot of wear and tear, especially ones on the beach or at a ski resort. Make sure that your home has flooring that is built to last such as hardwood or stone. Carpeting is difficult to maintain clean whereas rugs can be easily washed or replaced. The furniture should be no frills and sturdy. Buying used furniture, that is in good shape, is a great way to get high quality items without having to think twice about if it’s worth the investment or not. Quality furniture will last longer and guests are more likely to opt for your vacation rental when deciding between similarly priced and located options.

2. Be Bold

Your vacation home is THE opportunity to decorate in a more adventurous way. Use colors and fabrics you like but are somewhat bolder than what you would live in. Statement posters and vintage items are easy to find and look great alongside modern features. Creative spaces such as a funky reading nook, a hammock, or an extra comfy chaise under a window give the home an edge and something your guests will greatly appreciate: privacy. Using red is bold and is known to stimulate senses, however, due to its intensity, use it in small quantities such as in cushions, and small details. Make sure to keep it simple and stylish but some bold patterns and unique features will make your place memorable and lead to more and repeat bookings.


3. Be Pampering

Holiday is a time to unwind and indulge in luxuries not available in our day to day lives. Your vacation home should provide as many of these opportunities to your guests as possible. Spa-like bathrooms with waterfall shower heads and oversized towels invite guests to relax and enjoy a VIP experience. Give the bedroom a romantic touch with an elegant headboard by using artwork or making a niche in the wall. Soft, high-quality sheets under a layer of blankets and pillows and a plush rug on the floor will make your guest, and their Facebook friends, never forget how comfortable and special their stay made them feel.

4. Be Yummy!

It’s no wonder that the kitchen ranks the number 1 amenity that motivates travellers to book: a vacation is an opportunity to spend quality time with those closest to us and do the things we don’t have much time for usually, such as cooking! The dining and kitchen area in your vacation rental need to give your guests the ability to make those moments special. Having extra bar stools around so people can watch the chefs of the family work their magic without getting in the way, makes cooking inclusive and fun for everyone. Getting a dining table that can expand from seating 4 to seating 8 or more is a great way to give your guests flexibility in their dining needs. Amenities such as coffee machines and fresh juice makers are becoming essential items to have in your rental home’s kitchen. Surprise them with local cookery books and all the utensils you can get hands on.

5. Be Local

Celebrate the beautiful location of your vacation rentals and reflect it in the interior design! Shop around in local stores for things that can only be found there, like artisanal decorations and artsy event posters. The paint used on the walls and ceilings in your property should remind your guests of nature and peaceful scenery. White ceilings and light blue walls, where they fit, will make your guests feel like they’re outside under the sky. If your home is at the beach, decorate with shells and light blue and green tones. If your home is in the mountains, use wooden furniture and warm flannel linens. City rentals should reflect the culture of the city they are in, this way, guests can still feel like they are exploring while enjoying the comforts of the house.

Once these design ideas have been implemented, make sure to flaunt them in your pictures and in your description. Tired of updating all your descriptions and photos manually? Try Rentals United, the synchronization platform!