As a Property Manager you’ll work closely with Owners, not only offering hassle-free hosting but also solving their concerns and proposing the best solutions to achieve maximum return on their vacation rental investment. Part of building a strong owner-manager relationship is advising on the market (that is shifting towards instant booking) and the innovative platforms that help improve their listing’s performance. Platforms like a Channel Manager: a fundamental tool to manage distribution, that also means advertising on Instant Booking. Owners may get concerned – how do you solve their doubts? Find out below!

1. Show the Benefits of Using a Channel Manager

More Bookings, More Profit

Using a Channel Manager, properties will be advertised simultaneously on multiple listing sites reaching millions of guests searching for a vacation rental. It doesn’t just mean more visibility and more instant bookings, but also not relying on only one booking site and plenty of new opportunities to cover the low season.

Broad Market Reach

Numerous listing sites bring the possibility of expanding geographical and demographical market reach, thanks to global and Niche Listing Sites. You can choose which regions you wish to target; such as Agoda for the Asian market or Expedia for more guests from the US. You can even select by country, like BnBHero for guests from South Korea.

No More Overbookings

A big issue for everyone concerned, overbookings can have an economic impact through guest relocation fees paid by the property manager / owner. Furthermore, the listed property will suffer loss in ranking and possibly be assigned a bad review.

No More Manual Work

Changing content, prices and availability manually in each site is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors. Using a Channel Manager, prices and calendars are centralized in one platform and updated across all sites automatically.

Real-time Update

Real time update means that listed properties will stay competitive in all sites, at all time. This is crucial when updating offers but also upon cancellations, when it’s very important to rebook those dates.

More Time

Removing manual update, your staff will have more time to spend with guests. Time to cater to their every need and go the extra mile to create memorable experiences… which will potentially generate good reviews!

Property Protection

One of the big concerns owners have is knowing who will be staying at their property and instant booking partially removes that. It doesn’t mean properties are not protected though. Aside security deposits or insurance plans offered by vacation rental sites like Airbnb, property managers have started to offer protection plans to cover small maintenance jobs. There are also innovative tools out there that help out, like Roomonitor that controls noise levels.

Set Requirements

A selection of instant booking listing sites offer the possibility for owners to set guest requirements, such as only guests verified through official documentation, guests of a certain age group or only guests with a minimum amount of reviews.




2. What to look for in a Channel Manager?

As specialists with years of experience and clients from all over the globe, we recommend to ask the following questions when choosing a Channel Manager:

Connectivity Options – it’s the core feature of the channel manager. So don’t look only at how many listing sites, but also the connection type. Is it a reliable API connection or iCAL? Are you dealing with a strong and experienced tech team recognized by the listing sites as Preferred Partner? Are there any price management possibilities? What other features are there on offer?
On-boarding Options – how long does it take to upload a property? Is there an on-boarding team for assistance? Can properties be uploaded from a Property Management System?
Pricing model – Will you be paying commission on bookings? Is there a set-up see or extra cost for more sites?
Integrations – Is there any other service integrated to help efficiently manage operations or daily activities?
Growth Opportunities – Is there any option to help you increase your inventory? How about becoming a listing site yourself?

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