Cleaning is the most costly and one of the most time-consuming processes that vacation rental professionals have today. These findings of the 2018 Vacation Rental Tech Report, show the vital need in housekeeping automation. Luckily, this revolutionary technology is already here with Doinn – the technology bridge between short-term rentals and quality housekeeping services, now integrated with Rentals United. Find out why you should link bookings from 60+ sites with 5-star services! 

1. Who are Doinn?

¨The Doinn idea seed was planted after a world trip with nights spent in vacation rentals, many of which were not in the best condition. Since 2014, we have helped improve the quality and comfort of local accommodation through a housekeeping automation platform that responds in an integrated and optimized way. We address all the operational needs of hosts and managers of local accommodation. Our system puts hosts and managers in contact with a network of professional cleaning and laundry services. All of our services keep the high expectations of guests’ comfort in mind, aiming for the best possible recommendation for your property.¨

2. What Housekeeping Automation services can be booked today?

¨Housekeeping, linen rental and laundry are available across almost all Western Europe. Right now we are present in 26 cities in Portugal, 54 cities in Spain and 6 cities in France. Our check-in services are only available in Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Porto.¨

3. How do you select the companies you work with?

¨We only work with recommended suppliers with an impeccable reputation. Doinn works with the best housekeeping companies in the hospitality industry. Their employees are regularly trained in proper and safe cleaning techniques and have solid experience in both the hotel and vacation rental cleaning. The key is to keep the workforce both engaged and motivated, with all the insurances and payments up-to-date.¨

4. What are the benefits of using your Housekeeping and Check-in companies?

¨Our clients get access to professional and experienced teams at the distance of a click, converting fixed to variable costs.
Doinn has developed standard operating procedures (SOPs) to systematise the quality of the cleaning and laundry services provided. Only exemplary and consistent services achieve the best ratings. The SOPs are also a reflection of our commitment to the world; a responsible and sustainable way of living as a global community.¨

5. How is housekeeping changing for vacation rentals? How does it differ from Hotels?

“Vacation rentals guests are more and more demanding! If the cleaning or linen are not top-notch, the basic expectations aren’t met. The housekeepers must fully understand the importance of their job and of every single detail more than ever. That requires a lot of time and energy from the property managers unless they outsource the service.
Nowadays, most of the hotels also outsource their cleaning services, although the challenges are less than in vacation rentals: rooms have been designed to save cleaning time, have no kitchen and are located in the same building. Housekeeping services in hotels have not transportation and logistics costs, that is why we have developed IT solutions for our providers be able to optimize their teams, routes and linen logistics.¨

Connect bookings from 60+ listings sites with 5-star services! Book us in a call for more info.

Why the new Rentals United – Doinn partnership simplifies the way property managers and owners manage operations.

– Book established housekeeping providers in just a few clicks.

– Save time. Automate workflow. Reduce costs.

– Improve housekeeping rating trusting established providers.

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