Do you actually have the stats on the types of guests you’ve welcomed this year? Like most vacation rental owners you’re probably attracting one to three types, and you do so by default, not because you actively targeted them. Learn from hotels, segment your guests and start marketing to your target audience. Here are the 5 types of vacation rental guests you could be attracting today.

1.The escaping from our daily routines kind of families

It’s the thing families are looking forward to every year – after a stressful year finally being able to hang out together. This type of vacation rental guests are looking for relaxation, memories and fun. Families with small children often take advantage of off- season travel, which will lead to more off-season bookings.

This is what you can do to attract them:
Even though families are looking forward to getting away from home for a while, they still want to feel like home.

  • Provide a welcome book with plenty of activities to do – also off the beaten path!
  • Boards games for the whole family and a lego box for the younger ones
  • Books and a good music system
  • kitchen luxuries, bicycles and speakers.

2.The business traveller

The business traveller can be pretty demanding, but they are the kind of guests we want to welcome in the vacation rental industry: bookings from Monday to Friday, they also tend to return and spend more.

This is what you can do to attract them:

  • Forget Wifi, today fibre optics is the new essential for biz traveller.
  • Flexible and fast check- in and out process (they appreciate self-checkin).
  • In your adverts list how far you are from the convention centres in your city
  • a full length mirror, an iron, a steam cleaner and suit hangers.
  • Transfers! Find a friendly driver who is willing to drive your guests around.

3.The group of individuals

Whether it is a group of giggling, overexcited, selfie taking group of girls, or another type of group of friends, you will need to cater for the different types of personalities within. Some will want to party, other to discover as much as possible.

This is what you can do to attract them:

  • kitchen luxuries, bicycles and speakers.
  • Public transportation schedules
  • Attractions handouts
  • Coupons to local supermarkets and restaurants
  • Directions to local restaurants or bars.

4.The energised retiree

After having worked for many years this group aims to keep that active life they’ve always had, and how to better enjoy your retirement than to travel, and discover places that you have never had the opportunity to see?! These types will be more demanding with proper explanation of the appliances and area.

This is what you can do to attract them:

  • Photocopies of all your appliances instructions
  • Everything about transport (pricing, times etc..)
  • Where to rent a car or what to explore further afield
  • Supermarket times
  • Reliable taxi numbers
  • Kitchen luxuries

5. The Event Traveller

Whether it’s for a concert, a festival, a wedding or a sport tournament. These type of travellers are full of excitement. Most likely they have been looking forward to this specific event for months!

This is what you can do to attract them:

  • Mention your town/city main events in your ads and how easy it is to get to to them
  • Everything about transport (pricing, times etc..)
  • Reliable taxi numbers
  • List of local apps relating to the event
  • Small backpacks?!