WaytoStay is one of the top niche booking sites available via Rentals United Channel Manager. The fast-growing Barcelona-based company focuses on providing the “feel right at home” holiday accommodation. We sat down with Katie Glover from WaytoStay who explains how they help property managers fill those ¨unwanted¨ calendar gaps

Who is WaytoStay?

¨Based in Barcelona, WaytoStay listing site is an instant booking platform that is focused in:

– Short-term holiday apartment rental
– Genuinely pleasant homes that don’t feel like your typical holiday rental
– Great customer service experience and support
– European expertise and specialisation with over 5000 properties

Our Mission is to go out of our way to make sure that the customer feels at home in the city and that the whole experience will be remembered as a remarkable one. Our vision is to lead the market as a booking platform for short term rentals, based on specialist attention and service.¨

Why do property managers choose WaytoStay?

“Property managers choose WaytoStay for our transparency and our dedication to building a loyal and trustful relationship with them, taking good care of their account and booking performance.”

What’s new in 2019?

¨A dynamic international team who focus on acquisition and business development, along with the launching of new European top destinations. Stronger B2B distribution channel connected with more tour operators and travel agencies worldwide.¨

What can property managers expect this year?

¨2019 focus: Existing partnerships in the B2C world continue to flourish which gives further exposure to our listed properties. In addition, 2019 sees WaytoStay have a new lease of life opening up B2B markets with the main focus on Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in North & South America, Spain, France & Italy. We have our own internal partnership, enabling such reservations to be pushed directly to us and the property managers. In particular, those property managers on a low minimum night requirement have seen a vast increase in the number of shorter bookings but a higher volume basis.¨

Who are the travellers booking on WaytoStay?

¨We have a wide demographic of traveller: our customers are mostly couples, families, comfortable with online bookings, who want to travel and need a holiday rental without worries and enjoy the comfort of a quality apartment or villa located in central and strategic areas. Otherwise, we have an increasing number of business traveller requiring European cities. 

Average stays depends on the destination mostly between 2 and 5 nights, with villas and apartments by the sea that tend to have longer bookings because they attract a different type of tourism. Our main market source are: The Netherlands; USA / Canada; France, Germany, and Spain.¨

Which are your most successful destinations today?

“Our current top destinations are: 1. Lisbon 2. Barcelona 3. Berlin 4. Paris 5 Rome 6. Florence

Where are you looking to expand?

“Expansion & Diversification: In addition to expanding our current core destinations, we are launching many new destinations. A new focus this year is on the diversification of both property types and locations such as the French Riviera, Sicily and Sardinia, Mallorca, Croatia & Greece. Other areas of interest for 2019 are Scandinavia & Ski destinations. One aim this year is to open up the USA as a destination for both our B2B & B2C clientele.”

What’s the on-boarding like with Rentals United?

“The on-boarding time with Property Managers sharing properties via Rentals United is generally 3-4 days from the moment the property management confirms the commercial agreement.¨


– Commission: 18%-20% on the total amount
– Account creation: Rentals United create the account for you
– Property content, pricing and calendars will be updated automatically by Rentals United


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