With borders reopening and booking numbers increasing once again, the travel industry has finally entered the long-awaited recovery phase. But with new regulations and traveller expectations tourism has changed in ways that we have never seen before, leaving many vacation rental professionals scrambling for the most up-to-date information.

In these uncertain times, there is a multitude of questions you want answered. We have put together a list of vacation rental webinars and conferences we believe will provide a plethora of knowledge for travel industry professionals to deep dive into the latest vacation know-how.

Vacation Rental Webinars

1. Short-Term Rental Legends

The STR Legends Mastermind is an application-only community for short-term rental operators who run over 30 units, operators of boutique hotels and operators with an annual turnover of $2MM+. The mastermind consists of:

  • Monthly mastermind intensive to dive deep in challenges, deals and opportunities 
  • High-level industry mentors 
  • Breakout sessions on topics requested from the community 
  • Interactive Slack with specific channels on topics, expertise and niches

It’s really a community of the leaders, visionaries and innovators of the STR industry who are committed to helping each other grow their businesses. Eric and Jasper have secured some pretty incredible mentors, such as: 

  • Chip Conley, former Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy for Airbnb
  • Simon Lehmann, former director at HomeAway and president of PhocusWright
  • Jorge Guerrero, business develop manager at Vacasa and the Founder of Travel Kings
  • David Krauss, David is the founder of rentresponsibly.org and the co-founder of Noiseaware

If you’re an ambitious STR operator then go ahead and apply for this mastermind: 

2. 10/06/20 – Be our Guesty – The Day After COVID-19: Online Meetup

On June 10th Guesty will be hosting a live virtual meetup bringing together top property management companies from the global short-term rental industry to move forward on the path to recovery to bring your business back to where it once was, and take it even further. 

Throughout, Guesty will share its survey insights from 400 property management companies on what tech has helped them navigate through this period, as well as predictions for the future of the ecosystem. Following, each panellist will present data and predictions for the return of travel.

3. 11/06/20 – VRM Insider – JUST GOOGLE IT! Drive Direct Bookings Using the World’s Most Powerful Search Engine

VRM Insider is VRM’s monthly real estate marketing webinar series for the vacation rental industry. During their online events, they discuss topics such as the latest trends in the vacation rental industry, business and management tips from industry professionals as well as marketing strategies.

This week they will examine short-term rental listings on Google and how to drive direct bookings using the world’s largest search engine.

Read more about how to get bookings on Google

4. 18/06/20 – VRMA Gatherings

vacation rental webinars

VRMA has been holding weekly VRMA Gathering webinars in an effort to support and provide opportunities for connection with other Vacation Rental Industry professionals. Each webinar focuses on different topics applicable to the industry and also includes time for a Q&A with leading industry experts. 

Their next Webinar, on June 18th, will delve deeper into specific vacation rental safety aspects such as physical safety and laundry.

5. 29/06/20 – IMN – Short-Term Rental: The Comeback

The Information Management Network is a global organizer of institutional finance & investment conferences. It is their goal to provide a platform ‘that informs, engages and delivers a competitive edge.’

On June 29th 2020 they will be discussing the future of the short-term rental industry post-COVID-19 crisis. Featuring a panel of industry experts the webcast will address changes in market growth, regulations, acquisitions, financing, property management, regulatory compliance and more.

6. 01/07/20 – Rental Scale-Up: Trust, Safety & Security Conference

This free online event aims to support property managers in boosting their revenue, adapting operations and streamline their costs.

The virtual conference will feature masterclasses delivered by safety, security, and cleanliness experts. Industry professionals will show you how to leverage trust to better market your listings, safeguard your properties with the right devices and how to implement the new COVID-19 grade cleanliness guidelines to provide a better experience to your guests.

7. 16/8/20 VRM Intel Online 2-Day Conference for Vacation Rental Managers.

Recently VRM Intel Live Online, held a virtual conference for vacation rental managers, over a two day period on April 16 -17. The attendees received 14 live sessions with international vacation rentals experts, 50+ prerecorded sessions and panel discussions from a variety of industry professionals.  

The virtual conference discussed current events including:

  • executive strategy
  • performance data 
  • demand marketing
  • pricing & revenue management
  • Airbnb & Vrbo
  • Google
  • Cancellations
  • Risk management
  • Property care  
  • Owner communications 

VRM Intel Live Online will be hosting another virtual conference on ‘Vacation Rental Data and Revenue Management’, so keep your diaries open for August 16th and 17th 2020.

8. Embracing Domestic Tourism

On the 30th of April Vanessa de Souza Lage, Co-founder and CMO of Rentals United, examined the growing trend domestic tourism and what short-term rental managers need to do to coax in the domestic traveller.

As countries begin to loosen their lockdown restrictions and the world turns back to normality, we think there will be a slow transition to venturing back into the wider world. Get prepared for the competitive road ahead by proactively planning for the domestic tourism rebound that’s to come. 

The Agenda:

  • The state of domestic travel – past & future
  • Strategies to beat the (fierce) competition
  • Channels to distribute on & how to find more
  • Urban vs Leisure Strategies

9. Hit the Ground Running

vacation rental webinars

Rented.com has created a webinar series over the past couple of months to help business owners and professionals in the vacation rental industry during these unprecedented times. The webinars have a focus on diverse perspectives from leading vacation rental professionals. 

Their most recent webinar of the series ‘Hit the Ground Running‘ went live on the 30th of April. They discussed the best methods to position different facets of your business in order to make the most of this unique opportunity. As well as divulged expert tips and strategies to help you hit the ground running.

10. 01/05/20 – The Long View

vacation rental webinars

Recently Rafat Ali, CEO and founder of Skift, did a spur of the moment live stream on the state of online travel in the coronavirus age. As you can imagine the live stream did rather well. He has since started a one-to-one live video conversation (The Long View) with a guest every Friday at 3 p.m. ET for the following weeks. 

The live streams so far have been informal, yet insightful conversations with travel industry insiders — and outsiders — on larger perspectives on the crisis in the global travel industry, the daily and long term struggles, and the different ways of looking at opportunities in these times.

On the most recent live stream, Brian Chesky, Co-founder and CEO of Airbnb spoke about leadership, his thinking on the present and future of his company, his stakeholders, and his views on the state of travel going forward. 

11. Is mid-term the new short-term?

vacation rental webinars

During our webinar “Is mid-term the new short-term? Booking trends and tips for 30+ days bookings” held by,  Vanessa de Souza Lage, Co-founder and CMO at Rentals United and Pierre Becerril, Co-founder and CEO at Transparent discussed how incorporating mid-term into your short-term strategy can help mitigate damage and recover some revenue. 

Current booking trends suggest property managers should be shifting towards mid-term rentals and adjusting their pricing models. In this webinar, we covered what short-term rental managers need to do to get 30+ day bookings from discussing pricing strategies to content optimisation. 

A snippet of what was covered in the webinar:

  • Looking at data on recent trends
  • Discuss pricing strategies
  • Content optimisation and more
  • The top mid-term channels to list your properties on

12. AJL PROFITABILITY HUB, Simon Lehmann’s Online Vacation Rental Conference

vacation rental webinars

AJL Consulting launched its AJL Profitability Hub- The Road to Recovery and Profitability conference on the 15th of April. Joined by 9 other leading short-term rental industry experts and property managers, they shared insights on how to build sustainability for your businesses, monitor your recovery, as well use this downtime to improve your organization in order to ensure your business can recover faster and become more resilient to future market fluctuations. 

A second edition to the AJL Profitability Hub conference took place at the end of May -With more than 20+ speakers from around the world, they covered an abundance of different topics, in a variety of formats from keynote speeches to panel conversations. Both sessions are definitely worth a watch!

13. Local Property Managers vs Global Coronavirus Epidemic

On 25th April Rental Scale-up held the conference Local Property Managers vs Global Coronavirus Epidemic discussing how to push your vacation rental and short term rental business through the COVID-19 crisis by discovering how local property managers resist the global coronavirus epidemic. With 14 vacation rental industry experts taking part including, Sarah Nan DuPre, AirDNA (Global data provider), Tucker F. Cohen, Breezeway (Global cleaning and checklist expert) and Jaume Barberena, BizFlats, the conference had lots of interesting takeaways. 

14. FAST FACTS: Traveller sentiment in the age of COVID-19

For Phocuswright‘s recent webinar, they surveyed travellers from the U.S., the U.K., France and Germany to help understand traveller attitude during the COVID-19 pandemic and travel intent post-pandemic. In the webinar, they presented the full findings and insights into the global travel industry, giving attendees a direct understanding of consumer intent as well as hard-hitting analysis from their skilful researchers.

Them main topics they discussed included: 

  • How travel plans changed in response to COVID-19
  • Why travellers made the changes
  • the outlook and optimism travellers have for recovery
  • the confidence travellers have in their government’s travel restrictions

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