Until in-person events return – which we hope will happen soon! – the best way to keep up with the latest industry trends and connect with peers is to attend online events and webinars.

To help you find the events that interest you, we’ve made a list of 7 upcoming vacation rental webinars. Most of them are in May, but we’ve also included a couple happening in the next few days. So don’t take too long to book your spots!

If you want to plan ahead for the rest of the year, we’ve recently published an article listing some of the most exciting vacation rental events to add to your calendar in 2021. Many of these are online or hybrid events that will go ahead physically with limited numbers and allow more people to join virtually.  

Top vacation rental webinars to attend in April-May 2021

1. April 28th: Anytime: Vrbo, their family holiday focus, and how to connect via Rentals United

On Wednesday 28th April at 11:00 am CEST, Anytime Booking will be hosting a webinar with Vrbo and Rentals United. One of Vrbo’s big focuses for 2021 is on UK family holidays and already there is a strong demand and search interest. 

In this webinar, they will demonstrate to property managers how they can capitalise on the trend for family holidays post-lockdown and into the future.

The topics covered include: 

  • Anytime > Rentals United > Vrbo (the partnership chain)
  • Top traveller trends
  • How to prepare your listings
  • Ending with a Q&A session

Learn how Anytime and Rentals United work together to deliver easy access to Vrbo, giving property managers great national and international exposure and driving more bookings. 

Speakers include:

  • Sandra Sutton, Vrbo  
  • Kit Garg, Vrbo 
  • James Bugner, Rentals United 
  • Wendy Harris, Anytime
  • Inga Penkina, Vrbo
  • Anette Törsleff, Rentals United 
  • Matthew Luzaich, Rentals United 
  • Vanessa Glossop, Anytime 

Who is this webinar for? Managers of holiday lets, glamping and holiday parks with self-catering accommodation.


2. April 29th: VRMA – Vacation Rental Traveler Insights Revealed: Will You Travel Like Your Guests in 2021-2022?

On Thursday 29th April at 1:00 pm Eastern Time, VRMA in partnership with Generali Global Assistance will be holding a webinar where they will reveal traveller insights for the coming year. 

As the US continues to combat COVID-19 and millions of US residents are receiving vaccinations every day, the coming months have the potential to bring lots of new opportunities to the vacation rental market and property managers. 

Be the first to see exclusive stats from Generali Global Assistance, where they look at the inaugural Vacation Rental and Traveler Behavior Barometer. 

Find out how guests plan to travel to vacation rentals over the next 18 months and see how your own travel plans line up with their research.

Topics that will be covered during the webinar: 

  • Exclusive insights into how guests are planning to travel this year and next.
  • Understand travellers’ attitudes toward vacation rental stays and travel insurance.
  • Find out how your own 2021-2022 travel plans align with guest intentions.

Speaker: George Meshkov, National Sales Manager, Generali Global Assistance

Who is this webinar for? Vacation rental professionals who are interested in the future of travel in the US. 

3. May 4th: Short Term Rentalz – The changing landscape of reviews 

Short Term Rentalz will be hosting season two of their RockSTRz series with a brand new set of speakers and webinar topics. Hosted by Short Term Rentalz editor Paul Stevens, they will cover all the topics that are on everyone’s minds in the industry. 

The first webinar of the series will be held on May 4th at 5:00 pm CEST, where the speakers will discuss the changing landscape of reviews

The topics that will be covered include: 

  • The importance of genuine review aggregation.
  • How businesses can improve credibility, SEO and conversion rates.
  • The role that platforms such as TripAdvisor will play in the ‘new normal’.
  • What travellers will be expecting in terms of standards from their accommodation.


  • James Hacon, CloudReputation, Group CMO, MAPAL Group
  • Satyan Joshi, Product Lead, EMEA, Google
  • Christophe Salmon, co-founder and CEO, Revyoos.com
  • Ali Powell, CEO and founder, Commercial Acceleration Ltd

Who is this webinar for? All property managers who want to provide a guest experience in keeping with the times and, consequently, improve their reviews. 

4. May 18th: Short Term Rentalz – “Tech this out”: tapping into the traveller psyche

The second webinar in the RockSTRz series will be held on May 18th at 5:00 pm CEST. The event is sponsored by Minut, a smart home monitoring solution for vacation rentals. 

The speakers will discuss:

  • How companies are keeping themselves ‘top of mind’ by prioritising traveller needs.
  • The latest trends in contactless technology and increased automation.
  • Which innovations in technology are built to last and how it will shift.
  • How tech convergence will continue to shape the industry.

The speakers of this webinar are still to be confirmed. 

Who is this webinar for? Property managers interested in leveraging the power of smart home technology to better serve guest needs.

Click here for more upcoming webinars in this RockSTRz series.

5. May 18th: Travel Tech Show: The Edge – the first two-hour virtual TechTalk  

On May 18th at 3:00 pm CEST, TravelTech Show will be hosting their first two-hour virtual tech talk. 

With the tourism sector ultimately starting from zero, there will be plenty of opportunities for newcomers to disrupt the industry and established players to reinvent themselves. 

In this TechTalk, the speakers will delve into new sources of data, intelligence on how the pandemic has changed consumer behaviours, and innovative ways of creating actionable insights from a wider range of data sources.

Not only is this TechTalk a great chance to learn from professionals, there will also be 45 minutes of networking carved out for attendees. 

The session will be split into two: 

Turning data into action (45 mins) 

The world is already in a data-collecting frenzy. Imagine how much data we will have collected by 2025! While data is great, there’s always challenges for companies in travel and tourism to find the golden nuggets and create actionable insights. 

In this 30-minute session, the speakers will look at the ever-changing rules around data privacy as well as the tools available to source and crunch huge volumes of data and convert it into something that C‐suites can understand and act upon. 

Super-bright your data-driven journey (30 mins) 

In this session, Tamir Roter, VP of EMEA & APAC at Bright Data (formerly Luminati Networks), will present several examples from across the travel sector, where mass‐scale online data has led to successful results in predicting market developments while piecing together the reality jigsaw by the minute.

Who is this webinar for? Anyone interested in what data means for the travel industry and how we can turn it into actionable insights.


6. May 19th: Skift Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit 

On May 19th at 11:00 am Eastern Time, Skift will be holding their Short-Term Rental and Outdoor Summit to dissect the shift in the STR and outdoor sectors. 

As we all know, outdoor recreation and travel have seen an explosion of interest and professionalisation as travellers flood to regional parks, attractions, and activities in lieu of international destinations. 

In their webinar, Skift will be bringing together leaders from online rental marketplaces, investors, startup founders, and outdoor recreation operators as well as Skift’s research analysts. 

They will discuss the big questions facing short-term rentals and outdoor travel, including:

  • How can leisure rentals not only capture summer demand but also build deeper relationships with this growing market?
  • With so much investment entering the short-term rental market, how will this accelerate consolidation and who will be acquired? 
  • How will outdoor travel continue to attract new travellers and growth?
  • Will rentals attract more business travellers in the future as remote work becomes the norm? 
  • Will transparency and rate parity finally take hold in the rental industry, and how will consumers react? 
  • Can the outdoor recreation industry professionalise without losing the qualities that attract their core consumer base?

Who is this webinar for? Short-term rental property managers with outdoor inventory who want to take advantage of the increase in demand and find ways to maximise their bookings this summer and beyond. 

7. May 27th-28th: Rental Scale-Up – Discover how villa and holiday rental managers in Southeast Asia and Oceania have adapted to COVID-19 

Rental Scale-Up will be hosting a two-day, free online conference on May 27th and 28th for those who are curious to hear the experiences of fellow property managers in Southeast Asia and Oceania. 

14 speakers will share how they developed new best practices, adapted their marketing strategies, and trained their staff for new cleanliness protocols to respond to changes in their market caused by the pandemic. 

Attendees will get a chance to see exclusive market reports compiled specifically for this online conference. You will discover new booking patterns such as longer stays and shorter booking windows, and you can see which countries are booking.

Speakers include:  

  • Yoav Tourel​, Managing Director APAC at Guesty
  • Jing Cho Yang, Founder, CEO and Director at Bukit Vista
  • Kei Shibata​, Co-Founder & CEO at Trip101
  • Daniel Rouquette, Managing Director at Villa Finder
  • Victor Bosselaar, Data Sales and Partnerships at AllTheRooms
  • Marc Ribail, Director at Rentivo & Klik Villas 
  • Jon Stonham, CEO at Elite Havens
  • Joanne Bourke, Managing Director at Bach Break Taranaki
  • Jack Eden, CEO at Eden Villas in Sri Lanka 
  • Rex & Sibylle Brown, Directors at Holiday Rental Master
  • Anurag Verma, Co-Founder at PriceLabs 
  • Andrew Macdonald, Director at Zenguest Bali & Baron Jamesson, Head of Operations at Zenguest Bali
  • Jittida (Best) Haputpong, VP of Business Development at igloohome
  • Quirin Schwaighofer is the Co-CEO & Co-Founder of Madecomfy 
  • David Whelan, Managing Director at Urban Rest Apartments 

Who is this webinar for? Property managers in Southeast Asia and Oceania who want to learn from their peers and access exclusive data to help them prepare for the demand recovery.  

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