The Vacation Rental University is a brand new online academy created to educate and support the short-term rentals industry. Through a complete curriculum, valued content and applicable takeaways, it will teach anyone how to run a profitable business. Today we talk with Michael Friedman, President at Vacation Rental University and industry executive, who shares insights for prospecting students and an exclusive discount for singing up via Rentals United.

What is the Vacation Rental University?

¨Essentially the Vacation Rental University is the A-Z of short-term vacation rental management. The University will offer courses ranging from beginner level, for those getting started, to advanced level, for large corporations having trouble keeping their staff educated and trained at an adequate level. There will be a testing component for every lesson and module, so that you can track your progress or the progress of your staff, gauge how well the content was absorbed. We’ve also build out the search section “encyclopedia style” so that you can learn very specific topics that benefit you the most and circle back to other lessons as you need them. Or revisit the ones you’ve already watched to refresh or master them.¨

Who is the university for?

¨1. Current Vacation Rental Managers (small – very large)
2. VRBO Homeowners that are self-managing
3. Someone just getting into the Vacation Rental Business
4. REALTORS and Real Estate Firms
5. Builders and Developers
6. Residential Property Managers & Multi-family communities
Anyone who wants to learn more about the industry can join. They can then progress from beginner to mastery at their own pace, as well as pick and choose their certifications. We offer tons of content at the free and basic subscriptions levels for realtors and people who just want to fully understand the industry, but don’t need a high level of mastery today.¨

How are the courses divided?

“The program will be divided into modules for each section of the business. Each module will have multiple short lessons covering each section. After each lesson and at the end of each module, there will be a series of tests to pass for full completion. A researcher with a Ph.D. in Hospitality has created the testing – and will continue to do industry research for us and refine testing as things change. Certificates will be awarded for completion and successful passing. Certain continuing education will be required to remain certified over time. I.e Property Manager, Real Estate, Housekeeping, Reservations, Marketing, etc.

The Basics learning track is roughly 8 hours of video content which would probably take 12-16 hours to fully absorb for testing. Included in that is the free and other content that takes multiple hours of lessons as well.

The Advanced section is much longer and there are several modules, like Owner Acquisition, Accounting and Marketing, which take more time to absorb and master. There are over 300 lessons in total (today) across all subjects, along with several dozen templates and attachments for learners to download and personalize. We expect most students to learn as they go, as many are already running their vacation rental business.”

Why join the Vacation Rental University?

¨Why not! Just kidding… Vacation Rental University will give you proven systems, tools, templates, and industry expertise to launch and build a very profitable Vacation Rental business. We’ve built the content into lots of shorter lessons it’s easily kept up-to-date. In addition to keeping everything fresh, we will be sure to cover relevant topics surrounding the industry and teaching how to deal with changes as they come. We’ll be sure to have quite a bit of fun along the way too! We believe that just like a hotel operator would have a degree, everyone in our industry should have the baseline education to properly run a vacation rental business! Then we can build trust with property owners, guests and local and state governments. This won’t happen overnight, but we hope that sooner rather than later we can all get on a level playing field and a strong voice when laws are being created to regulate our industry

How much does it cost?

¨FREE! Great for beginners! Get content, stay up-to-date and poke around to see all of the content.
Monthly: $49 – If you want to add extra seats in your same account we will offer those at $5/person/month. Access all free, basic and advanced level training tools and resources. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get started with a few properties and begin growing.

Annual: $525.00 + extra seats for $55/person/year. Save 12% on the monthly price!

Custom Pricing: great for mid to large companies looking to train their team. It includes ALL the content we release, as well as access to custom tools, analytics and white-label. We will also add a component to the site that will allow you to upload your own videos and attachments, so that you can do things like employee orientation and on-boarding, specific job and system training, and company wide messages and updates.

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