How do property managers and owners use technology for ROI? Get The State of Vacation Rental Tech’ 18 Report to find out! The recently published study, curated by Rentals United and VrTech, sheds light on software and automation challenges that short-term rental professionals face today. Read our highlights on vacation rental technology below and Download the Report here:

1. Survey Specifics

The results in The State of Vacation Rental Tech’18 are based on large survey conducted from January to July 2018. The questionnaire-based survey counted 900 participants across Europe, North& South America, Asia, Australia and Oceania. The participants were segmented into Property Managers, Property Owners, Vacation Rental Technology Providers and Listing Sites. Some of the companies interviewed can be found in the Who’s Who of Vacation Rentals 2018 Directory.

2. Key Findings

2.1 Property Managers and Owners Tech Needs


“Large property managers prefer to work with multiple software so they don’t rely on just one. Single owners and smaller property managers don’t want the added cost of multiple software.

2.2 The Trend with Vacation Rental Services

“Partnerships! Over half of VR Service Providers say they would consider sharing their revenue with partners that sell their products.


2.3 The State of Listing Sites

3. Key Takeaways on Vacation Rental Technology

1. Guest communication is the most time-consuming process nowadays. Machine learning is one answer, but human interaction will continue to be important.

2. Partnerships between vacation rental technology companies are on the rise. This trend pushes for marketplace type software: open software that allow API connections.

3. In recent years OTAs have put less importance on the type of accommodation they acquire, thus mixing hotel and apartment inventory.

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