Are you using social media to promote your rentals? If not it’s something you ought to try: while it may or may not give you direct bookings, what a good social media strategy does for sure is give your vacation rental brand extra credibility. Avoid auto-pilot posts at all costs and instead go for a mix of of useful, personal and fun. The brands we have selected in this article do a great job on a variety of social networks – check them out and get some inspiration.

1. Twitter Strategy

Topvillas on twitter

With over 6000 tweets and almost 10000 followers you could say that Topvillas twitter strategy has worked out fine for them. What do they do?

  • Tweeting several times a day (very important on twitter!)
  • Short but clear tweets
  • Using images
  • Right use of #hashtags (3 max and only applicable #! Do you hashtag research on
  • Engaging: retweeting, responding, curating discussions etc.
  • Providing followers with helpful links (restaurants, exhibitions etc.)
  • Making use of incentives e.g. “#Deal of the day: 20% off any 5 night stay for limited time only in this villa. T&C’s apply. ”

2. Instagram Strategy

Property owner Thibault Mason, owner of 4 vacation rental villas in both St Barth and Bali has 2 very successful Instagram accounts. We interviewed Thibault in length to find out how to make Instagram work for your vacation rentals but here are some quick takeaways:

  • Every piece of content has 1 goal: to get people to click on the profile link and leave their email.
  • Profile link has a special offer: get a free travel guide if you leave your email address.
  • Pictures of the villas itself, places in St. Barths and Bali, restaurants and bars
  • Reposts photos from guests: Thibault ask them to use a specific hashtag and then reposts. This has been a winning strategy!


Acovacationhomes stood out because of the description they give their VR photos including:

  • a review they’ve received for that rental.
  • the price per night!
  • basic + most appealing amenities


3. Pinterest Strategy

Not many companies in the vacation rental industry are active on Pinterest… We did write about How to create the perfect vacation rental page on Pinterest some time ago, maybe you want to check it out as travel booms there. Today we can recommend the strategies of the following companies:


luxury retreats on Pinterest

Luxury Retreats Pinterest strategy goes:

  • Categorizing boards with catchy titles “Chic City Escapes” “Jungle Homes” “Picture Perfect Views
  • Repining others
  • Summarising every pin with a description (50-250 words)
  • Following other users + commenting on their pins

TopVillas seems to get it right on many social networks including Pinterest:


  • Not only boards about destinations but also about rooms within their villas (Pinterest is very popular for interior design) for example “Themed Rooms” “Movie Theatre Favourites” “Kitchen inspirations”
  • TopVillas does all of the “Luxury retreats” tricks (above)
  • They use their own brand hashtag #topvillas in the description (your own hashtag is the only one you should use)

4. Snapchat Strategy

We couldn’t find any Property Manager or Owner on Snapchat! If you know a good account please comment in the box below.

We did however find two useful articles on Snapchat for Vacation Rentals: one from our friends at Lodgify and one from Real Estate Florida.

5.Facebook Strategy

Do you know of any other social media accounts that really stand out? Do share them with us in the comments below!


  • Starmark Vacation Homes

    Check out Starmark Vacation Homes in Orlando, FL social presence. Their Facebook page has over 400k followers, 4.5k Twitter followers, 2k Instagram followers, 1k on Pinterest.

  • Thanks Lissane!! I hadn’t leveraged Instagram yet, but am using Twitter and Facebook for my Vacation Rental business in kissimmee beach and have seen moderate success. Keep posting great stuff!

  • Andrew Douglas Campion

    Thanks for the great post. We just started this year with FB, Twitter and Instagram and although it’s tough to keep up with all three every day, it’s slowly paying off. I love the Twitter strategy mentioned above in particular and will start doing that going forward.

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