One of the most popular social network of today, Pinterest especially attracts those interested in travel. Done well, a Pinterest page can drive considerable amount of traffic to your website. How? We have tips and a list of the 20 most effective Pinterest board headlines.

1. The Profile Image

We recommend your logo as profile image (how to brand your vacation rental business) but if you don’t have one, you could use an outside picture, a view or your favourite room in the house. Picture must be 600px x 600px even though it will show smaller.

2. The Profile Description

Keep your “Business Name” simple and remember that it will appear in the URL of your Pinterest page. You could optimise this and call it “XXX Vacation Rental” to perhaps gain some google traffic with it.

You could add the different locations where you have your properties – if too many go for “International” or “Worldwide“.

Now link your twitter account (forget about Facebook as Pinterest only allows profile pages to be linked, not business pages) and your website.

3. For the bio these are the best practices:

If you’ve worked on your vacation rental business tag line go add it in the Pinterest bio.

Then tell people what you will pin about:

“We pin about local recipes, hidden gems,…”

End with a follow Call-to-Action like:

“Follow us for your next trip to ”

and refrain from asking people to go to your website. You’re on a social network, you’re building relationships.

4. 20 Effective Headlines for your Travel-related Pinterest Boards

Ok this where it gets juicy. Remember you’ll need at least 10, anything under that won’t get you followers. Users will give your page one glance and very quickly decide whether they want to follow you. So those boards need to be glossy, appealing and have a great title!

20 board headlines that work:

Combine these titles with your blog posts and pin pictures that you take yourself!

  1. Wedding locations in
  2. Beautiful wedding photos in
  3. Romantic restaurants in
  4. Typical Interior Designs
  5. Beautiful gardens
  6. 10 free things to do in
  7. Hidden
  8. Things to do with kids
  9. Historical Monuments in
  10. Typical recipes from
  11. Best day trips from
  12. Street art in
  13. Typical Souvenirs from
  14. on a shoestring
  15. Only 1 day in
  16. Hidden hikes in
  17. Best spas in
  18. Best brunches in
  19. Gorgeous views of
  20. Shopping havens in

and if you cover multiple locations make 10+ boards called “ like a local” and cover all your destinations.

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5. Further reading

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