Vacation rental metasearch Holidu aims to make finding and booking short-term rentals quick and easy. As a price comparison specialist, it allows users to browse millions of listings and displays optimized results. The European start-up is now integrated with Rentals United and we got them to share unique insights on their gorwing business. Find out why you should list your vacation rentals on Holidu

Who are Holidu?

“Launched in 2014, Holidu is one of the fastest growing European tech startups and currently offers its services in 11 languages and in 21 countries. Our top sales markets are Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, the Netherlands, Australia and the U.S. We are a vacation rental metasearch that works with both global portals & local experts from every region in order to provide the best experience and service to the final customer.”


Who are Holidu’s travellers?

“Typically, our travellers are families or groups of people booking rentals for an average of 7.2 nights. Vacation rentals are an increasingly popular choice for travellers, so it should come as no surprise that a comparison site like Holidu attracts a broad variety of travellers with different preferences in terms of product and price. While the majority of our users prefer apartments and vacation homes, we are also seeing some interesting numbers for higher-end products such as villas, proving that even individuals with higher budgets find metasearch sites like Holidu an easy and convenient way to book their accommodation.”

Which are your most successful destinations?

“Although we are a global player, our main focus is on Europe with Germany being our largest market (after all, we are based in Munich). Thanks to our large partner base (500+ partner sites and counting), we pride ourselves on being a specialist for the European vacation rental market, offering the most comprehensive catalogue of short-term lettings in the region – 90% of our inventory is located in Europe. Our most booked destinations are in countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Portugal and Croatia. Properties in the Baltic and the North Sea are also on high demand, as well as ski resorts in the Alps, Pyrenees and Tatra mountains. Furthermore, we are seeing some positive trends for overseas destinations as well, such as the U.S., in particular, Florida, California, and Hawaii; and Australia and Brazil.”

Where are you looking to expand?

“With 21 localized domains, Holidu is a highly diffused vacation rental metasearch. We are active in all the main European markets as well as 6 key overseas markets including the US, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Mexico and New Zealand. In the mid-term, our focus is to consolidate our presence in these markets enabling us to become the most relevant player for our users. Partnering with a channel manager like Rentals United will help us get closer to local specialists in order to provide a complete inventory in the vacation rental industry. In terms of sustaining our growth, we are also seeing a lot of opportunities in the mobile market so we are constantly testing new features and improvements to surf this trend!”

What is your average Onboarding time?

“Between 3-4 weeks at the start but our target for the end of 2018 is 1-2 weeks.”

Are there any Costs for Property Managers?

15% commission on confirmed net booking value.

Your website’s monthly visits?

“Our website visits range from 6 to 9 million users per month, and growing.”


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