Are you performing better than the “average owner” in the vacation rental industry? Have a look at some key vacation rental industry stats and decide for yourself. Find out how much income owners make on average, how much they spend on marketing, what amenities motivate travelers to book, the key reasons why they choose vacation rentals over hotels… and more! Plus, it’s all laid out in a nice infographic! Enjoy 🙂

Vacation Rental Industry Stats Infographic


  • On average, HomeAway vacation rental owners charge a weekly rental rate of $1,520 ($217/night)
  • Renting out vacation rental for as little as 18 weeks/year can cover more than 75% of your mortgage.
  • Owners make their vacation rentals available to guests for an average of 32 weeks each year.
  • With an average weekly rate of $1,520, a vacation rental owner is earning a “salary” of approximately $84 per hour of work.


  • 87% of US travellers is more likely to book due to increased availability of online information
  • Properties with accurate availability rank higher in search results
  • A channel manager for vacation rentals can bring your occupancy rate up by 40%
  • 60% of US respondents planned to stay at rental home in 2015, up 7% from 2014
  • Marketing and managing vacation rental properties takes on average 9 hours/week
  • 53% of travellers with income of 125K+ are interested in staying in a vacation rental as an alternative to traditional hotel
  • The cost to market a vacation rental represents on average 3.5% of total revenue
  • 52% of travellers use social media for vacation inspiration
  • 59% posts a status about an upcoming vacation
  • 52% likes the facebook page specific to an upcoming vacation
  • 55% likes the facebook page after coming from a trip

Top reasons why travellers book vacation rentals over hotels:

  • more living space than hotels 71%
  • lower rates than hotels 62%
  • better amenities than hotels 53%
  • more of an at-home experience 47%

Top 5 amenities that motivate travellers to book:

  • Kitchen 26%
  • Stunning view 21%
  • Private pool 9%
  • Washer/dryer and WiFi 7%
  • Pet-friendly 6%