We asked the Vacation Rental Industry to nominate the under-35 business leaders that have made innovative accomplishments in recent years. Meet the Under-35 Movers & Shakers in the Vacation Rental Industry – and congrats to everyone that made it on the list! To apply for next year look at the bottom of the article.

Krzysztof Karolczak (28) – CTO of HelloHere Welcome App

Under-35 Movers & Shakers Krzysztof Karolczak
Chris, despite his age, has already build and sold a company (Timble.us) – in a time management industry and previously, at age 17, co-founded a software house currently focusing on business process optimization (inwedo.com). Now together with Peter Kubiczek his seeking to revolutionize the hospitality industry by providing excellent host-guest experiences with HelloHere.

Jason Hahn (30) – CEO Janiis Property Management Platform

Under-35 Movers & Shakers Jason Hahn
Jason is a visionary, process-focused technology leader that is spearheading the effort to bring a more natural, more intuitive property management platform to this industry: Janiis.

Jordan Allen (35) – CEO Stay Alfred

Under-35 Movers & Shakers Jordan Allen
Apart from growing a vacation rental business from scratch to $25 million in 5 years, Jordan also pioneered a niche in the Vacation Rental space by helping traditional hotel travellers to smoothly transition to the vacation rental experience. StayAlfred properties provide the space and amenities you would expect from a vacation rental combined with the consistency of a hotel.

David Krauss (33) – CEO NoiseAware

Under-35 Movers & Shakers David Krauss
David is working hard to save the industry from unnecessary regulation thanks to their sound-monitoring IOT product and advocacy. NoiseAware is a truly innovative product and great service.

Emil Majkowski (33) – CIO Rentals United

Under-35 Movers & Shakers Emil Majkowski
Previously CEO of a successful Property Management company (he became CEO at age of 25!), Emil is the platform architect of Rentals United Vacation Rental Software, a platform that helps professionals distribute their properties effectively and through which hundreds of terabytes passes a month. Book a demo with us!

Darik Eaton (35) – CEO Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals

Under-35 Movers & Shakers Darik Eaton
Darik transformed his small vacation rental side business to a full-time vacation rental property management company with over 45 properties in Seattle. Seattle Oasis Vacation Rentals has one of the highest occupancy rates in the industry.

Ian McHenry (35) – Beyond Pricing

Under-35 Movers & Shakers Ian McHenry
Ian founded Beyond Pricing in 2013 as the first revenue management and dynamic pricing software in the vacation rental industry. Since then, Beyond Pricing has grown to work with most of the major PMS systems and over 120,000 listings in more than 1,000 markets around the world. Ian is a leading expert on revenue management for vacation rentals, having spoken at most of the major conferences. Ian also helped Beyond Pricing win the Phocuswright Travel Innovation Startup award in 2016.

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