Getting your guests to behave! [free poster download]

The success we had with the “Vacation Rental Owner Manifesto” prompted us to do something similar for guests. So we created a manifesto aimed at reminding guests to take care of our cherished homes and at times… problematic neighbours 🙂 The “Vacation Rental Guest Manifesto” was then printed on fridge magnets, and we gave thousands away to owners and property managers at the VRMA conference 2015. The feedback was unexpected: We had people running after us asking for more “I have 50 properties, can you give me.. huh… 49 more?!” “These are incredible! Do you sell them?” No, in fact we don’t sell them, they were meant as a gift. So today, we’d like to give everyone the opportunity to print the manifesto for their rentals in a big poster size (A1). Just download it below and please give us a thumbs up by sharing!

****DECEMBER UPDATE: You can now purchase the magnets from the Distinguished Guest****


vacation rental guest manifesto


For just a short time
This is your Vacation Rental.
But remember you hold the key
Of someone’s cherished home.
Show you care.
Keep the noise level down,
Bring the bins out &
Turn off the lights when you leave.
If there’s something wrong
Make sure you call for help.
Respect the neighbours & house rules.
Shop in local stores,
speak to local people,
Cook local recipes.
Be curious and flexible.
Don’t compare your rental with your home,
Instead learn from how other people live.
On your return remember to leave a review
And praise all that you loved most.
Your vacation rental experience reflects you,
So make it extraordinary.

The Vacation Rental Guest Manifesto ©2015 Rentals United

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  1. jshattuck 4 years ago

    Thank you for the poster. I absolutely love the wording as well as the design. It’s so lovely of you to share. Again, thank you. Jane

  2. Vanessa de Souza Lage
    Vanessa de Souza Lage 4 years ago

    How kind of you to say! thanks Jane!

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