As the vacation rental industry grows, more and more companies enter the scene offering innovative services. Other than meeting their clients’ demand, they need to raise sufficient funding to back growth and expansion plans. Launching crowdfunding campaigns is a great non-traditional way to raise funds next to – or instead of – a VC round. These four vacation rental companies opted for crowdfunding and the results are exceeding their expectations. Let’s see who they are!

Misterb&b’s vacation rental crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding platform: WeFunder
Target: $100,000
Raised so far: $673,550 from 1,227 investors
Status: open

Misterb&b is an LGBTQ+ friendly niche vacation rental website and the largest gay travel community in the world with 310,000 hosts in 135 countries.

They’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign on WeFunder with the aim of growing their platform and helping more gay travelers safely discover the world. Their mission is to provide the gay community with the opportunity to feel welcome while traveling through renting entire apartments or rooms in the homes of gay-friendly hosts around the world.

Misterb&b already raised $13.5M raised from traditional investment funds and is now looking to give its community and supporters a chance to become investors through the crowdfunding campaign.

Check out the crowdfunding campaign here and own a stake in Misterb&b!

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Airsorted’s vacation rental crowdfunding campaign

Airsorted vacation rental crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding platform: Seedrs
Target: £1,000,000
Raised: £2,149,197 from 1,271 investors
Status: closed (May 2018)

Airsorted is a full-service vacation rental property management company with a portfolio of 4,000 rentals in 29 cities across 14 countries.

In March 2018, they raised £2 in crowdfunding in addition to their £5 million series A investment in order to realize their expansion plans to new cities.

Check out the results of the successful crowdfunding campaign here.

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Rentopolis’s vacation rental crowdfunding campaign

Rentopolis vacation rental crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding platform: Mamacrowd
Target: €99.998
Raised: €303.995 from 167 investors
Status: closed (January 2019)

Rentopolis is a property management company that runs more than 350 luxury homes and facilities for short-term rentals in Italy, Dubai and the US. They pride themselves on their innovative software and home automation solutions

The crowdfunding campaign on Italian platform Mamacrowd was a smashing success, and Rentopolis managed to raise 300% of their original target.

Check out the results of the successful crowdfunding campaign here.

Homeit’s vacation rental crowdfunding campaign

Homeit vacation rental crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding platform: Seedrs
Target: €250,000 
Raised: €532,100 from over 300 investors
Status: closed (2018)

Homeit is a unique property management system that uses an innovative smart lock solution. Their app allows homeowners to give smart access to their guests through digital keys.

They launched a crowdfunding campaign in 2018 and hit the target by more than 200%. The funds were used to fuel their European expansion and improve their product by removing wires and improving security.

Check out the results of the successful crowdfunding campaign here.

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LuggageHero’s crowdfunding campaign

LuggageHero vacation rental crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding platform: Seedrs
Target: €1,230,005
Raised so far: €1,262,404 from approximately 900 investors
Status: open

LuggageHero offers an on-demand bag-storage service that lets travellers drop their luggage off at local shops by booking online in advance. They are the heroes of short-term rentals for luggage, currently operating in New York, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Copenhagen and Lisbon.

To support their expansion plans in Europe and the US, LuggageHero launched a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs. They’ve already reached 103% of their target but the round isn’t over just yet!

In January 2019, Luggage Hero raised $1.45 million in VC funding. Their goal is to become the biggest and most trustworthy luggage storage service in the world. By January 2020, they plan to have 1,700 storage locations.

Check out the crowdfunding campaign here and own a stake in LuggageHero!

Outstanding Vacation Rental Crowdfunding Campaigns of 2017


Crowdfunding platform: INDIEGOGO

Hostogether is a global community where hosts can expand their business by sharing and collaborating with each other. Hostogether is crowd funding at INDIEGOGO with the aim to create a host community for short-term rental owners joining as founders – Founding hosts! By doing this, Hostogether offers various premium memberships, discounts (which last forever!!), and priority access to new features and services. You can read more and even potentially become a founding host here!


Crowdfunding platform: AngelList

Hostfully is a guidebook platform to help you improve your guest experience (and drive those reviews up!). In the guidebook, you can include all essential information, like check-in & out times, how to connect to the WIFI etc, local recommendations (best restaurants, beaches, shops etc. in the area), and make use of an administrative dashboard where you can manage all your listings from. Hostfully operates in over 80 countries worldwide and can be used in 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). Hostfully is currently closing their $500K seed round and have a deal on AngelList to complete this round. By doing this it allows investors (potentially you? 😉 ) to own a piece of this growing company starting from as little as $1,000 (keep in mind, usually the minimum investment on Hostfully is $25,000!).

Hostfully wanted to use AngelList to close their seed round to give clients and VR industry experts an opportunity to invest in the company. Interested? Create an account on AngelList and take a look at the deal! Read more about Hostfully on Tnooz and Skift.


Crowdfunding platform: Crowdcube

Rentivo is a B2B tech company focusing on building online marketing and management platforms for the VR industry. The software allows Vacation Rental managers with many listings easily expand their business even beyond popular listing sites, and thus generate more direct bookings while simultaneously enhancing their business and guest satisfaction. According to a recent press release, Rentivo successfully raised $425K in its crowdfunding campaign in Crowdcube (world’s first investment crowdfunding platform) and exceeded their goal by 36% (!!). With the raised funds Rentivo will focus on enhancing sales, marketing and technology development.

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