It’s no longer a question of if Artificial Intelligence is coming in the short-term rental industry, it’s a matter of how it’s being applied! Revenue management tools use it for dynamic pricing but A.I. is also applied to automate one of the most time-consuming tasks, guest communication, via Vacation Rental Chatbots. Do you know how would they work for your business? Find out!

How do Chatbots work?

In simple terms, a Chatbot (short for Chat Robot) will instantly interact with your clients via written or voice messaging, simulating a human conversation. Using a defined knowledge base, registered phrases and in some cases machine learning, the Chatbot will invite your clients to ask questions, analyze and answer them. You may have already interacted with voice chatbots, such as Amazon Alexa that is popular with property management.

Benefits of Vacation Rental Chatbots

  • Save time! Answering guest questions is one of the most time-consuming processes, as stated by the Vacation Rental Tech Report.
  • Improve guest experience. Instantly provide information about your property and services.
  • Increase extra revenue from additional guest services.
  • Guest verification – additional vetting through social media accounts.

Vacation Rental Chatbot Providers


ChatBotVR is designed to answer all the typical guest questions and it works using Facebook Messenger. Automating up to 75% of communication, it is also used to increase earnings by offering extra guest services. ChatBotVR works with any vacation rental platform. Pricing: Inquire


Founded in 2018, MyPlazze is a Spanish Vacation Rental Chatbot that simplifies guest registration, automatically sends documentation to authorities and offers extra guest services. Available in English and Spanish, it is also a task management tool for check-in, cleaning & maintenance. Why would you need MyPlazze? In their own words: “Both property managers and landlords can save time in communication while guests enjoy an intuitive tool before and during their stay”. Pricing: free for 1-10 Properties. Inquire for 10+ properties.


GuideWiser uses A.I. and Chatbot technology to help both short-term rentals and hotels. Aside from answering guest questions, offering extra services and requesting reviews, it allows prospect guests to book a property via Facebook Messenger. Pricing: from 95 €/ property / month.


BnBChatbot was built by vacation rental managers to provide a customizable solution that answers guest questions, requests arrival info and allows booking extra services. Pricing: from 12,99$ / monthly.

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