Have you heard of that hotel in Maastricht that allows you to rent a goldfish for the night so you don’t feel so alone?! Pictures of the little red fish went round the social networks like craaaazy. Ideas like these are pure genius and not just because of the increase in revenue, but because they also build brand loyalty and awareness.

Thankfully the upselling ideas we came up with are somewhat easier to put in practice… Promise you won’t need to steal the goldfish from your kids bedroom!

1. Delightful Welcome Baskets

On arrival no one wants to have to bother about the first shop. Let alone when you arrive late. Good idea is to offer your clients the opportunity to purchase a breakfast basket prior to arrival. Of course you’ll have to make it local by only adding local produce. But why stop with a plain basket? Checkout some other ideas that may delight your customers:

  • the beauty basket (shampoos, soaps, list of the best spas…)
  • the local chef basket (local recipes, spices, wines…)
  • the luxury basket (champagne, salmon, …)
  • the veggie basket (local and organic)

… and why not bundle some of those together with a special price?! why not add a note: “I’m so pretty, instagram me“!

2. Selling items in the property


Go through your address book… you’re bound to find an artist friend in there. Whether a painter or a sculptor why not offer to use your properties as galleries! Prices could be shown on each piece very discreetly and the welcome pack would have more information about the artist. Ideally you’d offer to ship the more bulky items to them – add a shipping cost list so you’re fully prepared to take orders!

3. Airport transfers without the headache

OK Airport transfers are nothing new but you haven’t organised it yet: you have quite a few locations, you don’t know who to ask and anyway you’re massively busy this will only add a headache on top. Well good news is it’s super simple to get started since you can do it all with just a link. Go for a company like Viator and sign up as an affiliate. They’re good for tours but they also offer pick ups worldwide. Just grab the right link and stick it in your confirmation email… your clients can go ahead and book so you’re not the one doing it! And of course, you make cut.

4. Taking the hassle out of buying souvenirs

Do you know of local shops that could give you a deal if you buy in bulk? If the answer to that is no, next question is: have you heard of Ebay? So here we go, find a souvenir that people always look for when they come to your location, ideally it’s a souvenir that’s not that easy to get or can be quite expensive. Go and buy it bulk. Now all you need is an online form that lets your customers buy that souvenir while they’re at your property. Deliver it on checkout day or even offer to ship it to their home.

5. Using a Concierge-Type Company

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 11.52.32

Not up for doing the upsell yourself? Leave it to others! Vreasy has this amazing platform that offers a whole range of services to your customers directly – tours, babysitting, check-ins, welcome goodies and clients book this directly via them. They really stand out compare to simple affiliate programs and they have a high level of conversions. On their homepage at the bottom there’s a calculator which shows you how much you could earn using them.

Now you’re got your ideas together make sure to let your customers know on all your ads! Knowing that you care deeply about great service is another selling point. Luckily if you’re on Rentals United you’ll need to change the copy only once and it will be updated on all your sales channels : )

Anymore upselling ideas for vacation rental owners? bring ’em on in the comments below!