Vacation rental site TravelStaytion aims to be the #1 online platform for professionally managed short-term rentals. The London-based company is one of the top performing niche listing sites synced with Rentals United and we got the founders to share unique insights in the interview below. Find out why you should advertise your vacation rentals on TravelStaytion. 

Can you give us an overview of TravelStaytion?

“At the end of 2013, TravelStaytion was established as the holiday rental booking platform where travellers can find quality properties managed by professional hosts and property management companies. Up until today, our site has 60.000+ properties, in more than 300+ cities and we hosted +30.000 travellers from all over the world. Our office is located in Notting Hill, London. We collaborate only with professional hosts and property management companies, people that match our ethos of providing only the best hospitality service. On our platform, we show that our hosts offer a range of extra hospitality services, from emergency assistance to concierge and special arrangements, and they dress their properties with all the essential amenities. Our clients are people that look for quality and value-added experience!”

Why do property managers choose TravelStaytion?

“Property Managers choose us because we offer personal services and we’re willing to spend extra to make sure they are comfortable. Our Dashboard offers essential hosting tools, such as dynamic pricing, synchronized calendars and transaction tracking tools. Our user interface is designed for people that have to list and manage hundreds of properties. We have a great B2B business model and global leading channel managers as partners. We have an in-house team of travel experts that personally assist every traveller, home-owner and business partner. Property Managers can look forward to:

Account optimization – a dedicated account manager will help them set up an account that fully presents properties and services.

Global marketing channels – we target our investment in order to attract guests and travel partners from all over the world who are fans of quality and professionalism. Property managers get access to a filtered and like-minded pool of thousands of travellers.

Innovative technology – we have algorithms that work smartly to fill calendar gaps, boost last-minute offers or long-term deals. Through a user-friendly interface, property managers can optimize listings in a very dynamic way.

100% Secure payment protection – we offer advanced payment technology, anti-fraud checks, SSL encrypted and PCI compliance. We have clear cancellation policies that waive payments stress.”



Who are your travellers?

“1)The professionals: usually young age professionals, couples or business people who need a comfortable stay in good city locations. Their top destinations are London, Barcelona, Paris and Rome. They are more attracted to modern or neo-classical styles with business facilities having the main role.
2) The students: students who prefer staying in comfort and central locations, with easy access to their universities and central locations. Their top destinations are London and Paris. They usually travel during the spring and summer period and usually stay 30 to 40 days.
3)The families: young families that usually select destinations with several sightseeing options and rich culture. They mainly select London, Paris, Barcelona, Athens and Rome. They choose these destinations all year long, however during the summer months, they choose the South of Spain, the French Riviera, Greek Islands and Cyprus. They expect high service standards. Price is their decision maker.
4)”Old-fashioned” travellers: people who enjoy and are used to a private travel advisor to research a great property that meets their requests and needs. These people really like the fact that they can contact us directly and they want to feel safe and serviced. They like comfortable features: low noise, good location, safe neighbourhood, no stairs, clean rooms, an emergency contact and usually they have a higher spending budget.

How often do they travel? What is your average minimum stay?

“Clients booking via TravelStaytion are regular travellers – they travel at least 2 times per year. The average stay is 6.6 days for short stays and 40 days for medium stays.

Which are your most successful destinations today?

“Distinguished destinations today include London, Greek Islands, Rome and Paris.”

Where are you looking to expand?

“Big European cities : London, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin, Greece, Madrid, Seville, Lisbon, Brussels and Dublin.
Other Europe destinations: Sicily, Sardinia and the Canary Islands.
More global destinations: San Francisco, New York, Las Vegas, Miami, Chicago, Washington, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Tokyo, Kyoto, Beijing and Shanghai.”


What’s the on-boarding time?

“Having your properties online at TravelStaytion is very simple! It takes just a few hours. The steps are the following:
– Share your properties with TravelStaytion through the Rentals United platform
– Create your TravelStaytion account
– Your Rentals United account will be synchronized with your TravelStaytion account. Property content, pricing and calendars will be updated automatically.”

Is there any cost?

“There is no cost for property managers. The guest will be charged the total amount of the 15% commission we charge. Property managers can join us for FREE and our team will ensure the best performance for their listings.”


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