For the fourth year, Rentals United is looking for the biggest, best and boldest property managers in the vacation rental industry to join our Top 50 community

The World’s Top 50 Property Managers list is an annual ranking by rental numbers of the largest short-term rental property managers in the world. It is compiled and published in October annually by Rentals United.

It is an impressive club; last year’s honourees featured Interhome Property Management, Vacasa Property Management, and Houst Property Management to name a few. Find out who was in The World’s Top 28 Vacation Rental Property Management Companies list last year.

Our hunt for the world’s largest short-term rentals property managers of 2021 has begun. If you think you or someone you know should join the ranks of The World’s Top 50 Property Managers List, complete the online nomination form below before midnight on the 12th October to be in for a chance to be featured in our 2021 list


Why Rentals United is creating The World’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Manager List

In recent years, vacation rental property management has seen incredible progress. New companies are popping up next to the old players, while other players are consolidating and raising one funding round after another.

At the same time, this year has brought with it many challenges and none have been so big as the COVID-19 pandemic, which has sadly seen the attrition of some property management businesses.

Even with the pandemic bringing the world to a stand still, top property managers have continued to work tirelessly to push the vacation rental industry forward. They have provided a high-quality service on par with hotel standards in terms of consistency, cleaning and professionalism. They know how to take comfort and innovation to the next level.

We think that deserves some recognition. That is why Rentals United has expanded The World’s Top Vacation Rental Property Managers List from top 20 to a full Top 50! 

This prestigious list will give an overview of the biggest, fast-growing, tech-enabled companies that are redefining the future of the vacation rental property management industry.


Why should you apply for the World’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Manager List?

Rentals United Top Vacation Rentals Property Manager List is known by many in the vacation rental industry and is synonymous with business success and entrepreneurship. 

The number one page on Google for “largest property managers in the world“; over 4000 views on the blog post and continuous shares across social media; this particular list gets a lot of attention. We expect that to grow exponentially this year since the list and qualifications have grown.

This is a great benefit for those who make the list! Not only does it offer a fantastic free PR avenue for managers looking to recruit more owners and showcase their professionalism, but it also offers your company increasing online presence, grows reputation and helps to develop your vacation rental brand.

Those who are featured will not only become a member of the prestigious list, but will receive a ‘Top 50’ badge for their website and gain visibility amongst property owners world wide

What are we looking for in a nomination?

Our criteria is: 

  • Number of vacation rentals: How many properties the company manages
  • Locations: Whether the company manages properties in one country or more (single or multi-country)
  • Market: Whether the company manages properties in one market – one city or region – or more (single or multi-market)
  • Property type: What kinds of homes the company manages (rural villas, urban apartments or urban buildings)
  • Service: The extent of the service that the company provides for owners and what it covers (full service, marketing only, operations only)
  • Based in: The city where the company’s HQ is located
  • Founded in: The year of the company’s establishment
  • Growth: The company’s growth strategy (organic growth or growth via acquisitions)
  • Funding: The company’s financial background (self-funded, VC-backed, etc)

What if I don’t know all the information to complete the form?

Fill out the form to the best of your ability. Your nomination will get property managers a foot in the door so make sure the information is accurate. If your nominee meets our criteria, we will do our own research into the candidate to confirm all information and will be in touch with you if we require more from the information.

What is the deadline for submissions?

The deadline for submissions is at midnight on Monday 12th October 2020.  Once we have all the relevant information and have performed all our research, we will publish the official World’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Manager List at the end of October. So make sure to stay tuned to see who made it!

If you would like to get featured or nominate a property manager for the Rentals United Top 50 list


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