2021 has been a busy time at Rentals United. We’re halfway through the year, and we’ve already achieved so much: from winning a prestigious industry award to striking up new partnerships. Not to mention all the content we created

A lot of time and effort went into all this, and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together. While our team has done a lot more in 6 months than what’s listed below, we’ve compiled some of our favourite highlights in this blog post.

So let’s take a look and if you haven’t yet, make sure you read and download the content we produced. You never know, you may have missed some useful tips that you can implement in your business this year.

1. Rentals United won the Shortyz Award for the Best Channel Manager 

The Shortyz is an annual industry event hosted by Short Term Rentalz to celebrate innovation and excellence in the vacation rental industry. In 2021, the awards ceremony was held online for the first time. 

Through public vote and the professional assessment of a panel of expert judges, companies and individuals in 18 categories received awards. And Rentals United was lucky enough to be awarded the prize for Best Vacation Rental Channel Manager of 2021.

We are incredibly honoured to have won this award. We see it as a recognition of the hard work that Rentals United employees have put in over the last year to ensure our vacation rental channel manager is the best on the market. 

Find out more about Why Rentals United Won the Award for Best Channel Manager in 2021

2. Evolve (one of the largest property management companies in the US) chose Rentals United for channel management

At the beginning of July, we announced a fantastic new partnership with Evolve, a Denver-based property management company with over 15,000 properties in the US.

Evolve ranks number six on our list of The World’s Top 50 Vacation Rental Property Management Companies and is the second-largest property manager in the US.

The CEO of Evolve, Brian Egan, was recently featured in The Secret Sauce of large property managers podcast hosted by Rentals United CMO Vanessa de Souza Lage. He spoke about how Evolve managed to grow to 15,000 properties in under ten years. 

Our new partnership allows for Rentals United to work with Evolve to optimise revenue and growth strategies when it comes to marketing planning and distribution

3. We added 12 new channels to the Rentals United distribution network

rentals united 2021 retrospective

We understand that everyone’s distribution needs are different – and diversifying your marketing mix is key to increasing your bookings and revenue. That’s why we’re always growing our list of channel partners. 

This year, we’ve already connected 12 new channels to our platform, with more coming up over the next few months.

The 12 new channels we added are: 

You can find out about all the channel connections Rentals United has here!

4. We released the People of Rentals United campaign 

rentals united 2021 retrospective

The People of Rentals United campaign is all about showing the teams behind Rentals United who work tirelessly to ensure our vacation rental channel manager is the best on the market. 

Nothing would be possible without the fantastic team of professionals we have behind the scenes that make it into the well-oiled machine you have come to know. We wanted to celebrate them all and show you the faces behind the scenes. Without them, none of this would be possible.

Through our People of Rentals United campaign, you will meet the faces behind: Onboarding, Support, KAMs, Finance, Sales, HR, Tech, Partnership and Marketing teams whose expertise is helping property management companies across the world become more successful every day.

5. We came out with 2 new ebooks

Vacation Rentals on Google

rentals united 2021 retrospective

Listing your vacation rentals on Google is a fantastic opportunity to get commission-free direct bookings

And, thanks to our latest Google connection update, property managers with 50+ rentals can now send traffic from Google to their own website.

To give you more detailed information about how this works, we created an ebook answering the questions:

Download the ebook

The Secret Sauce of Successful Property Managers 

rentals united 2021 retrospective

If you’ve been listening to The Secret Sauce Podcast, you’ll know that we love to learn from founders of successful property management companies

Over the past few months, our interviewees shared lots of invaluable information with us. But we get it – not everyone has time to listen to hours and hours of podcasts. 

So, we decided to compile it all in an easy-to-scan guide, The Secret Sauce of Successful Property Managers 2021
If you want tips from the best in the game to optimise your property management business in 2021, get your copy now.

6. We launched Rentals United Data Studio

One of our biggest new releases in the past 6 months was Rentals United Data Studio.

We created this robust revenue management tool to help property managers:

  • Increase their reporting efficiency.
  • Measure performance on a market, property and channel level in real-time. 
  • Increase the speed of revenue actions on each distribution channel.

The tool is fully integrated with the Rentals United channel manager, and the Basic version is included for all RU clients.

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7. We released the Rentals United PMS White Label 

We launched the Rentals United White Label product at the beginning of March 202, and 19 property management systems (PMS) that have already signed up for it

The white labels offer PMS providers the ability to provide their clients with channel management services that are directly embedded in their software

A PMS can add the full channel management functionality directly into their software with a single line of code. In turn, their clients get access to the entire Rentals United channel distribution network. 

Unlike competitive solutions that are based on iFrames, the product offered by Rentals United takes advantage of cutting-edge technologies. This approach guarantees high data security as well as full customisation for streamlined branding opportunities.

Find out more about the Rentals United PMS White Label.

8. Our founders spoke at several events

The founders of Rentals United have always been committed to helping the industry as a whole, by sharing their knowledge and experience with industry peers

In March, Rentals United Co-Founder and CEO Vanessa de Souza Lage spoke at the PhocusWire Pulse: Loyalty For The Long Haul event. 

She and Scott Shatford, CEO of AirDNA, discussed the opportunities and challenges that present themselves when it comes to inspiring loyalty and attracting repeat bookings in the vacation rental sector

In April, Rentals United Co-Founder and CEO James Burrows gave a workshop titled Leveraging partnerships to build a multi-million euro SaaS business at the EU-Startups Summit

The EU-Startups Summit is one of the most well-renowned startup conferences in Europe, with over 1,500 attendees. We were very excited to take part and share RU’s growth journey.

Are you ready to build a tech-based distribution strategy? Discover how our enterprise-level Channel Manager can get you more bookings.