I’m using a Property Management System that can connect me to some global listing sites. Why should I use a specialized Channel Manager like Rentals United?

A very valid question! We get it all the time! These are the answers and the reasons why PMS clients choose the Channel Management capabilities of Rentals United rather than their own PMS Channel Manager.

Question 1. Ask yourself: Do I want Subpar Connections with 3 Channels or Real-Time Availability Updates with 60+ Channels?

Rentals United connects you with 60+ channels with full API 2-ways connections allowing to push Availability, Prices and Descriptions of your properties. Default channels included in the PMSs packages can have limited connection (just push of availability / simple Ical connection, make sure you ask for 2 way!). It’s more cost-effective to invest in a professional tool that specializes in connections than spreading your distribution efforts thin.

Question 2. Ask yourself: Do I want a support team skilled in distribution with direct access to the management team of the listing sites companies?

Channel management is a highly complicated and tech-heavy service that requires the assistance of experienced and skilled people. Make sure you have by your side a support team that can easily solve the problems that may take place or that can coordinate efficiently the many updates that need to be done on a regular basis. Compared to a PMS Channel Manager we give high volume of properties to listing sites, which means we have direct communication avenues with them to get fast support.

Question 3. Ask yourself: Is it safe to rely on 3 or 4 listing sites to fill my calendar all year round?

The global listing sites that your PMS Channel Manager will offer may only cover 50% to 70% of the market. In any industry, it’s dangerous to rely on a few touch points to reach your audience. Our experienced account managers are able to analyze your business offer and your properties to give you recommendation on:

  • Channels that are the most suitable for your marketing mix (start by taking the Channelizer!)
  • Channels with reduced commissions or even no commission! (many niche sites will charge 0% commission, see all our listing sites)
  • Channels that book higher-budget and longer stay guests.

Question 4. Ask yourself: Can my PMS push my exact property specs and complicated pricing model to the Channels?

No two property managers are the same. No two channels are the same. With 50 years combined experience in the vacation rental industry, we at Rentals United have understood this complexity from day one. It’s our goal to act as the N#1 facilitator of data exchange between Managers and Channels. Our value is in the number of complicated business models and hundreds of variations of amenities that we encounter worldwide. We’re successful at analysing & crunching those so they make sense to the channels… and eventually to the guest!


The keystone of channel management is finding the right combination of the channels you should work with.

OTAs and wholesalers are a key component in getting an effective distribution of your vacation homes. Of course, some of them have commissions, even high, but will generate a guaranteed return in terms of revenue, marketing and awareness. With Rentals United cutting-edge technology offer you won’t need to monitor complex layers of information anymore: the technology assists you in collecting, curating and visualizing all the data you need. This will allow you to spend more time planning the long term growth of your vacation rental business.