Proven to increase vacation rental reservations and revenues, interactive floor plans have been a selling tactic for real estate companies for years but the buzz has just started in our industry. Some online marketplaces will allow you to link directly to your interactive floor plans but not all yet! We need to join together and request they implement the feature! Here are 3 companies that we recently came across that offer interactive and 2D floor plan services.


Truplace will send a photographer over to your houses and with those create an interactive floor plan that sits on your dedicated page in Truplace. You can link to it from Flipkey and the HomeAway family of websites. You can also use the photos for your marketing saving the cost of a professional photographer.

We recently heard Truplace speak at a conference and they explained that not only did the tool increase confidence for guest bookings, but also that customer service teams saved a lot of time on the phone answering questions about which room is where.



Same process as with Truplace, a photographer comes, takes a pictures and then creates a listing page for you on Planomatic. You’re able to reuse everything they create or embed, or link to the page they make for you.

Their packages all include downloadable brochures too. Extras include Twilight and Elevated Photography.



Cubicasa has a different approach: for $50 send in your hand drawn floor plan and they will send you a professionally drawn one back in both 2D and 3D. So if you can’t go interactive with the websites that give you bookings, go for professional looking 2D floor plan.

They’re also launching an app that works with your Airbnb listings, an easy tool for you to create a beautiful floor plan and uploading it to your Airbnb account. The app will come out this May 2016 and you can get a special beta release access if you leave your email here


Do you know of any more companies that offer interactive floor plans? please let us know in the comments below!


  • rents and ships Matterport cameras to vacation home owners who then scan their own home in about an hour. We not only got a 3D floor plan but a 3 Dimensional recreation of the entire home which our online potential guests can rotate and explore, plus a fully immersive 3D Interactive Tour. The visitors to our site control their own walk through tour of each property….exactly like a video game…full control. The feedback has been off the charts !

  • thanks for your comment. We’re currently preparing a post on 3D Interactive Tours and will sure feature you.

  • CartoBlue

    We just launched a DIY floor plan product…Create your own floor plans using our partner app and add analytics and interactive features such as photos, videos, or link outs for only $2.99 per month. Why spend $150+ per floor plan creation with these companies when you can have your own floor plans for free!! Use your client portal to swap out pictures as often as you want and also utilize the analytics to calculate your ROI and track guest interactions.

  • Great blog, thanks Rental United. I use, no photos and no photographer on site. But you can do a virtual tour, a 3D and 2D plan decorated with furnitures that one can pick and choose to make it similar to own VR. It makes the floor plan really nice looking. Can do it by yourself or can have it done by roomsketcher designers for 35€ just by sending even a hand drawing plan with at least one correct measure for any given wall. Thanks. Paola

  • ManNan ChauDhry

    I use, photo retouching . You can do a virtual tour, a 3D and 2D plan decorated with furnitures that one can pick and choose to make it similar to own VR. It makes the floor plan really nice looking. Very fast turnaround 06 hours and unlimited revisions.
    Their prices are unbeatable floor plan in $ 03.00 and photo retouching at $0.59 per image.

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