The European Vacation Rental Market Survey is an extensive report published recently by Transparent, the Madrid based data intelligence company for short-term rentals. Analyzing the answers of 500+ property managers on marketing, distribution, operations, pricing, regulations and more, the report provides interesting insights into the current state of the market in the old continent. We’re happy to share a few key findings. For a complete understanding and actionable takeaways, order your copy here.

1. Survey Details

The European Vacation Rental Market survey was conducted from May to August 2018, involving 513 property owners and managers in 23 countries. The participants were segmented by portfolio size and by market type, urban and leisure. The questions asked regarded Operations & Services, Marketing & Distribution, Technology, Data and Sentiment among others. The survey counted with the support of leading vacation rental Associations, event organizers, consultants and industry influencers.

2. Key Findings

Technology Use

In term of Technology, Channel Management tops the list of services used by property managers in both urban and leisure markets. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Channel Manager use increases in close association with the number of properties. Property Management Systems, Keyless entry, Connected Thermostats and Operation Management follow to complete the top 5 technology used by European vacation rentals.



Under General Sentiment questions, a high percentage of property managers say they trust new technology to help reduce costs

Rate Update

More than 50% of the PMs that answered the survey stated that they update their rates weekly. Interestingly, over 33% of property managers with 100+ properties update rates daily. 



Transparent found that operational disciplines, such as cleaning, maintenance or key handling, show limited efficiency gains with scale. It seems that the largest property managers employ the same number of staff per listing as mid-sized property managers.
As far as extra guest services are concerned, property managers were asked how they provide Tours & Activities. It seems that most property managers do not provide this service, neither directly nor through a partner. vacation-rental-market-survery


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