Cutting on your vacation rental energy bills is not an easy task. You’ve probably tried planting posters asking guests to turn the lights and AC off when they leave, or reminding them to save on water consumption when they brush their teeth (irrk!)… ok but do they really follow your instructions? Let’s face it: if you were living in your rental yourself the energy bills would be much lower. So instead of giving you light bulb tips (well…not unless they’re pretty smart!) we’ve turned to the Internet of things (IOT) devices to see how the latest smart home tech can help us, vacation rentals owners and managers, save on bills.



The Sensibo device is basically a small miracle. Seriously, it turns ANY air conditioner into a super smart device. It can be easily installed – just place it on your A/C (it sticks automatically) and it’s done. Then  synchronize it with a google calendar, or make it behave according to the weather so ideally your guests will not have to touch the A/C ever. Genius!


Tado can take care of both your heating and your A/C system. Similarly to Sensibo, it tracks the weather and adjusts the temperature in your rentals. It is also programmed to take building structure, insulation, room sizes, windows and heating systems into consideration and act accordingly. Pretty amazing, right? It costs $249 but you can also rent it for $9.99/month.


Here’s THE lightbulb.  Why? Because it’s supposedly the most energy efficient lightbulb in existence and it’s wireless ? Control it through the web or phone apps. The only drawback so far? It is only available as a pre-order on


Have you thought of motivating your guests to save on energy? WattVision allows you to monitor energy consumption of your rentals on a real-time basis. Why not incentive them to keep the consumption low with a free airport ride on checkout day? Or a surprise departure gift? And best of all, according to the reviews, a 10-year old can install it and make it work.


WeMo® Water

Just as WattVision monitors your electricity consumption, WeMo Water monitors your  water consumption. Sounds like something you can do yourself with your water bill?  Well, no, WeMo takes it a step further as it can  distinguish between the water used to flush the toilet, the water going through your washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Now  you have a very good idea of where to focus your attention when saving water.  And if your  tenants haven’t showered that much, why not surprise them with a gift (perhaps Old Spice would be a good idea :)).


Have you imagined being free of the worry of water leaks while your guests are in your vacation rental? Well it can be a reality thanks to Wally. Wally uses existing wiring in your home to create a sensor network, identify water leaks and notify you on your smartphone. This fascinating and very easy to set-up piece of technology is getting its first reviews on Amazon. So far it’s a 5/5 star item!

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