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Marketing If you are a hotelier or a vacation rentals property manager you’ll be very familiar with the marketing problems


You haven’t heard from us on the blog for some time but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy beavering


This article first appeared on Linkedin. MOST PEOPLE IN MY NETWORK are au fait with the travel industry and its quirks,


Pricing Problems There has been a bit of chatter in the forums about how useless the big travel agents are


Monday Morning Headache It’s the day every webmaster fears and it happened to us last week. Our site, Apartmentsapart was


The Broken Dream A few years ago Apartmentsapart thought a bit about how to save money and we decided it


I was surprised but it’s true. Well I am speaking about Apartmentsapart; we have not run the stats yet on


Apartmentsapart, a serviced apartments provider I have an interest in, was hit quite hard in 2008 when the recession began.


I see over and over people discussing which sales channels are best. Of course there is no simple answer –

price parity

Rate parity is the process by which travel agents force hoteliers to give them a price no higher than it