The competition for bookings on Airbnb is at an all-time high. If you want to get your listings in front of travellers, you need to get the algorithm to work in your favour. 

To help you out, we asked leading Airbnb experts to share their insider tips in our exclusive technical webinar with Airbnb. Don’t worry if you missed it – we recorded it all for you!

The video is chock-full of tips on how to rank higher on Airbnb, maximise your occupancy and increase your conversion rate using new tools that you may not even know existed! 

You’ll get a step-by-step demo showing you exactly how to implement the experts’ advice.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage current travel trends to increase your visibility on Airbnb
  • Take advantage of Airbnb merchandising opportunities
  • Attract guests with Flexible or Moderate cancellation policies
  • Create new promotions and rule-sets and apply them in bulk 
  • Set up promotions using an Airbnb channel manager
  • Enable the new host-only fee structure to increase your conversions
  • Opt into the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Initiative to inspire guest confidence

“I hadn’t worked out how to set up a promotion in Airbnb, so it was great to see a clear demo. The consequence has been three reservations today and heaps of inquiries!”

Watch the recording of the webinar now:

airbnb optimisation

How to optimise your Airbnb listings with advanced tactics

1. Increase your visibility by responding to new travel trends

There are two clear travel trends that we’ve seen take shape during the last few weeks: domestic travel and longer stays

Airbnb is providing property managers with tools to leverage these new trends and increase their visibility on the platform. 

Domestic travel

According to Airbnb’s statistics, nearby stays (within 200 miles of origin) represented less than 30% of total demand before COVID-29. Now, this number has spiked to 50%!

As a response, Airbnb has updated its website and mobile app to make it easier for people to book nearby stays. And, they’re preparing a large-scale marketing campaign called Go Near that all property managers can participate in. More info in the webinar!

Longer stays

In the past few weeks, there’s been a 20% increase in long-term stays (28+ days) according to Airbnb’s data. 

To help property managers attract guests who are looking for longer-term stays to get out of cities or work from home, Airbnb has created a Monthly Stays page. This highlights every listing that has a maximum length of stay of more than 28 days and offers a weekly or a monthly discount. 

To find out exactly what settings you should apply to your listings to be included, watch the webinar recording!

2. Attract guests with Flexible or Moderate Cancellations policies

With all the uncertainty surrounding travel these days, guests are actively looking for flexible cancellation options. 

Airbnb encourages all property managers to apply Flexible or Moderate cancellation policies – those who have already done so saw a 15% increase in bookings!

In the webinar, you’ll learn more about using cancellation policies strategically. And, your questions about Airbnb’s Temporary Flexible Cancellation Policy will be answered, too. 

“Thank you so much for all of the information! Great webinar.”

airbnb optimisation

3. Implement new promotions and rule-sets and apply them in bulk

Airbnb offers a wide range of new and old promotions that you can apply to your listings to maximise your occupancy and boost conversions. 

In the webinar, you’ll get a detailed walk-through of the following promotions and how to apply them:

  • Custom promotions (to fill gaps in your calendar)
  • New hosting promotion (for new listings or listings unbooked on Airbnb)
  • Last-minute discounts
  • Early-bird discounts
  • LOS discounts

You’ll learn how to set up these promotions on a listing level and how to apply rule-sets in bulk

The Airbnb experts will also explain the new merchandising options, or how Airbnb will style your listing when an eligible promotion or rule-set is applied. 

And, you’ll find out how you can apply discounts to your listings if you’re using a Channel Manager like Rentals United to connect to Airbnb. 

4. Enable the new host-only fee structure to increase your conversions

The host-only fee is a new fee structure in Airbnb which helps attract guests by removing the service fee (up to 20%) from the price displayed to them, ensuring the same price across all channels.

Airbnb implemented this new option so that property managers can be in control of their final prices. 

If you opt into the host-only fee structure, you’ll have a more competitive price, have better conversion and rank higher thanks to the merchandising opportunities that it entails. 

Find out why this setting is so powerful, how to enable it and whether you need to adjust your base price by downloading the webinar. The presentation includes a case study to demonstrate the benefits of choosing host-only fees. 

5. Opt into the Airbnb Enhanced Cleaning Initiative to inspire guest confidence

Airbnb wants to help property managers inspire confidence in guests who are highly sensitive to cleanliness due to the pandemic.  

That’s why they’ve launched the Airbnb Enhanced Initiative, working together with experts to develop cleaning guidelines that property managers can adopt. 

The new cleaning protocol is not mandatory, but property managers can choose to adhere to it. 

In the webinar, the presenters explain how you can get on board and what you need to do to comply. 

Watch the webinar recording now!

airbnb optimisation