At Rentals United our speciality is helping you making more bookings while saving your time. 2016 was a very successful year for us: we now distribute more than 250,000 rentals and thousands of property managers and owners trust us worldwide. Why are we the BFF of so many? Because we give you 54 ways to advertise vacation rentals… and recently we added 1 more.

+1 way to advertise: Get your Guests to Book Direct!

Our newest feature on Rentals United: we now provide you with beautiful, glossy and responsive “Book Now” pages for your vacation rentals! Send the link to your guests or interlink them from your website so that your guests can book securely via highly optimised checkout pages! See it in action and check the FAQ for how to set it up!

31 Vacation Rental Websites to advertise on

Advertise on 31 niche and global listing sites that specialise in distributing vacation rental properties. Have you tried advertising your vacation rentals on niches websites? Are you listed on all global vacation rental sites? Here are the ones we give you access to with a Rentals United account:


13 OTA Websites that advertise vacation rentals

OTA stands for Online Travel Agent and these are websites that are traditionally known for advertising hotels. Many of them now also allow vacation rentals to be advertised, making them an essential part of your marketing mix today.

7 Wholesalers to reach travel agents

Wholesalers are companies that distribute your vacation rentals to travel agents. Note that they usually don’t have a website themselves and are not catered to accept individual Property Managers or Owners. They solely work with technology providers like us, so in order to be advertising with them you need to have an account with a channel manager, like Rentals United.

3 Metasearch Websites for Vacation Rentals

A metasearch website is usually a website that takes inventory from other websites, gathers it on their website and offers users a powerful search. Guests are invited to find their perfect rentals amongst thousands and thousands of rentals from different websites and are then redirected to book on the original website. With the inventory from Rentals United and depending on the metasearch, guests can either book on the metasearch website or are redirected to the checkout pages of your rentals (see an example here).