Glamping, a.k.a Glamorous Camping is not just a growing trend amongst travellers –  it is a way of life for guests who look for unique accommodation and experiences beyond the vacation rental. At Rentals United we are proud to announce our new partnership with Glamping Hub, the leading online booking platform for unique outdoor rentals. Find out in the interview below, why you too should advertise on Glamping Hub. 

Who is Glamping Hub?

Glamping Hub was founded in 2013 and became a fully functional booking platform in 2014. From 2014, we’ve dedicated ourselves to curating the largest collection of unique, nature-based vacation rentals – giving travellers a five-star experience – with the amenities they expect from a hotel, but in the middle of the great outdoors.
Our global, 80-person team is made up of more than 10 different nationalities who help both guests and owners who advertise on Glamping Hub. We work from two offices: one in Seville, Spain, and the other in Denver, Colorado. Each department within Glamping Hub works together in a modern and close-knit working environment, striving towards the common goal of giving our customers a one-of-a-kind glamping getaway.

What types of properties advertise on Glamping Hub?

In over 115 countries, we have 35,000 hand-picked rentals, featuring unbeatable outdoor locations and luxury amenities. Glamping, or glamorous camping, can mean many different things, and our offerings run the gamut. Glamping Hub has everything: from classic glamping accommodation, such as tipis, yurts, tree houses and safari tents, to more traditional rentals, like a woodland cabin or an oceanfront villa.


Who are your travellers?

Our guests are not just looking for a bed to sleep in; our accommodation —and the dedicated hosts that own them— form a part of this unique experience they’re about to embark on. When booking with Glamping Hub, our guests are looking for a place where they can make a meaningful connection, both with nature and the loved ones they decide to travel with. While our guests do sometimes choose glamping as a way to celebrate a special occasion, such as an engagement, an anniversary, or a family reunion, what they truly are looking for is a one-of-a-kind trip that extends beyond the destination they’ve chosen.

How often do they travel? What is your average minimum stay?

Of the bookings made on Glamping Hub, our guests are typically couples and families, followed by groups of friends. The breakdown of their average night stay is 51% book for two nights, 22% for one night, and 17% for three nights. By season, 41% of our bookings are in the summer, 25% in the spring, 21% in the fall, and 13% in the winter. The average booking amount is $688 USD.

Which are your most successful destinations today?

In the U.S., our top destinations are California, Texas, New York, Washington, and Colorado. Internationally, our top destinations are British Columbia and Ontario in Canada, and New South Wales, Australia—in addition to certain destinations in New Zealand and Spain.

Where are you looking to expand?

While we aspire to continue to flourish in our aforementioned most successful destinations, we would also like to expand more into Europe and Asia at some point in the future.

What do successful listings on your site do differently?

Our most successful listings have two very important elements: First of all, high-quality photographs that adequately display the exterior, interior and surroundings of the accommodation. Secondly, have at least five reviews. Our most successful hosts do the following:

– Have a good response rate
– Make sure their rates are always accurate
– Have a synced calendar
– Consistently confirm bookings

How many monthly visits does Glamping Hub receive?

On average, Glamping Hub receives over 500,000 monthly sessions from more than 350,000 users.

What type of following does Glamping Hub’s social media have?

Across all of our social media channels, we have over 125,000 followers. The breakdown is as follows:

– Instagram: 61,400
– Facebook: 45,500
– Twitter: 13,500
– Pinterest: 6,800 followers (523,700 monthly viewers)

How do you advertise on Glamping Hub via Rentals United?

1. Share your accommodations with Glamping Hub through the Rentals United platform.

2. As we handpick all of our glamping sites, we will go through all of the submissions we receive and pick the accommodations that align best with our brand.

3. If your accommodation is selected, your Rentals United account will be synced with your Glamping Hub account. Property info, amenities, pricing and calendars will be updated automatically.

4. Onboarding completion on Glamping Hub can take up to approx. two weeks, as we write customized content for each listing in-house.

Is there any cost?

We charge a 4% commission rate on each booking. From that commission, we will cover all credit card transaction fees and international bank fees.

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