EveryStay is one of the successful niche listing site available through Rentals United. CEO Florian Richter answers our questions on what makes his company unique and why they are bringing back the Booking Request model. Find out why you should advertise on EveryStay!

Who are EveryStay?

“EveryStay was founded in 2016, with the mission to make the world of online vacation rentals a better place for both owners and guests by offering direct bookings and commission free advertising.

“We believe in the need for direct contact between owners/managers and guests, in order to provide the knowledgeable and personal service that owner-managed holiday homes are famous for. And that’s the reason we brought back the tried, tested and loved “booking enquiry” model. This way you can select your guests, have your own rental contracts as well as your own payment and cancellation policy.

Where are you based?

“With offices in London, Lisbon, and Ho Chi Minh City, we cater for listings on all five continents. We have a strong presence in Europe (Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, UK, and Germany) and North America. Our most active markets are the UK, Germany, and the USA.

Our website is available in English, German, Spanish, and French, with plans to soon deploy more languages and make the EveryStay experience unique and more personalized.
Our pricing model is simple: we offer a flat fee per booking enquiry, billed at the end of every month so that property managers/owners can get the most out of their marketing investment. A booking enquiry always contains the name and email address of the guest, travel dates, party size, viewed price, and selected property.”

What are the advantages of the booking enquiries model?

Instant bookings and commission based models leave very little choice to managers and homeowners, in terms of owning their calendar and cancellation policies, vetting their guests and cash flow.

With EveryStay’s booking enquiry model:

– They can control their rental terms and conditions, have their own cancellation policies, and manage their listings their way.
– Every booking enquiry includes contact details, so they can vet their guests and avoid duplicate bookings.
– They only are charged a flat fee per booking enquiry, so that they never have to worry about their cash flow, again.


Who are your travellers?

“Our Travellers are mainly families, older couples and friends on leisure trips. The first category comes from Germany (70%) and the UK (20%), and their minimum length of stay is usually ten days. They mostly book for their summer vacation, in Europe & the U.S.
The second category has an average minimum stay of 5 days. Again, they come from Germany and the UK and they book serviced apartments in big capitals, like London and Paris (30%), but also in coastal destinations in the UK, Spain, France.”

Which are your most successful destinations today?

“I would say Florida. With more than 1300 properties available, Florida seems to be the top destination for family travellers.”

Where are you looking to expand?

“North America is currently our top target market. In only three months we witnessed a 60% increase in our listings in the USA and every time we talk with local industry stakeholders, they assure us that our pricing model of charging a flat fee per booking enquiry, so that the property manager can keep 100% of your booking price, is very much appreciated!
Moreover, we are currently building our presence in Australasia and Latin America.”



What do successful property listings on your site do differently?

“The property listing that better convert enquiries into bookings share one characteristic: Quickly replying to all enquiries, following up on any request in a professional, but friendly tone.
In order to get a high number of enquiries, it’s all about having high quality, professional photos, a name that makes the property unique and memorable, a description that conveys a story and gives the house the desired personality.”

How do you market yourself?

“We attract visitors to our own website via the usual channels and also have strong partnerships with meta-search sites such as Holidu and HomeToGo.”

What are the costs for property managers that advertise on EveryStay?

“There are no booking fees. We are offering a flexible flat fee per enquiry starting at $8 – our sales team will be able to discuss pricing that is right for you.”

What’s the onboarding process for Rentals United users?

“The onboarding time is just a few hours. Just follow these simple steps:”

– Upload your properties to Rentals United. Go to Services and add EveryStay

– Follow the Checklist with detailed instructions. Create an account and sign your agreement with EveryStay

– Activate Connection. Your properties will be uploaded by Rentals United

– Your Rentals United rates, calendars and property info, including photos and amenities, will update automatically”

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