If you haven’t started to modernise your rentals for our Millennial generation (that’s the generation born between 1980 and 2000) the below figures may come as a wake up call… Indeed more than 70% of Millennials took at least one leisure trip in 2013 and in 2014 they spent 20% more than the previous year. Why such a trend up? The Boston Consulting Group reports that the Generation Y (another fancy term for Millennials!), is more interested in travelling abroad than older generation… and this by 23%!!

So what can vacation rental owners and managers do to attract this group? Here are some ideas based on providing experiences in your vacation rentals rather than plain services: easy-to-implement ways to court the wonderful Millennials.


During Millennials vacation they are unlikely to brag about the kingsize bed with luxurious bed-linen that you’ve just splashed out on… that’s a nice plus but definitely not viral material! Millennials are looking for originality before anything, things that are worth sharing. That crazy looking armchair, the funny egg holders, the vintage comics on the shelf, the IOT devices. Surprise them with something they haven’t seen before!

You can also utilise your space to be creative. Maybe you won’t go as far as the Piano Stairs by Volkswagen … but here’s a nice and cheap idea: where are the best shots to be had in your property? Why not place feet position stickers on the floor with a note “Stand here for the best selfie!“? And with a clever hashtag you could be seeing those shots going round the internet in a flash.


Now you have the Selfie you must post it. Advertising “free internet” or “wifi” is definitely not good enough for Millennials. Aim for “extra fast internet“, “super high-speed internet“, “100Mb Fibre optics internet” – that’s a real selling point. How fast is fast enough? Use this test and see the results. The rule for ping is – the lower the better and you should aim under 50ms. Download and upload speed should be as high as possible and certainly no less than 8Mbit/s.


According to PhoCusWright, 71% of Millennials took short getaways of three nights or less in 2014. That’s a huge percentage of people that have only a few days to explore your city. Millennials want to travel like locals, know all the cheap places to shop like locals, visit all the places that matter and enjoy all the events that are currently in the town. A section in your Welcome pack addressing their needs is a must!! Remember Millennials want to enrich their lives, they want to come back changed.



Millennials are the largest group of smartphone owners, not providing them with cables and leads to power up would be a true faux-pas. Not only this but they will massively appreciate if they can connect their phones to your WI-FI; if the HDMI cable is available to connect their laptop to your smart TV and if the microwave is ready to make a popcorn for their movie night. Now if you have an Xbox with a great game the likelihood of a good review increases sharply as well 🙂


Millennials like to be on-the-go so if you can provide things that help them be on the go they will probably also be really thankful. For example make sure you have a picnic bag and a large blanket they can take with them on their day trips. In your welcome pack don’t forget to mention the best picnic spots in town and a few picnic recipes made from local dishes **only!** of course! Other ideas: a printed metro map, a list of places where you can get free Wi-Fi in your city and (that’s the team’s favourite!) a champagne stopper for taking bottles around! Et voilà!