Leonardo da Vinci was able to write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time; let’s hope your skills of managing properties are as impressive. In case they aren’t – hum hum – then the following article with tips of what you can do yourself to improve efficiency and list of companies that you could delegate important work to, is for you. From useful photography ebooks to smart pricing tools & availability management over why you need professional translation, here are essential tips to turn your vacation rental into a sales machine!

Photography Ebooks

Give your property the chance to flaunt what she’s got! Although highly recommended, if don’t want to invest in professional photography (without watermark!) then checkout Tyann Marcink very useful vacation rental photography ebooks. The hidden secret of photography pros for $10? We’re buying!

Listing Description

You may not have a way with words, luckily Guest Hook is a company that can assist you in having the right things to say and help create an anticipating description for your property. Get in touch with their fabulous team, worth every penny.

Professional Translation

Don’t think of professional translation as an option, to increase your vacation rental sales it’s a must. We work with tons of vacation rental Sales Channels around the world, and each have their different target country. If you think they all offer google translate, think again. Not mentioning names here but we can tell you that many will show your English text to their Spanish or German customers…. Result: 0 bookings.


A widely discussed topic in this blog but the most important piece of advice we can give is this: set low prices in your first year and gather as many reviews as you can. Thereafter, show off your selling power with smart pricing tools that use big data to ensure that you are setting the correct rates day after day for your properties. Yield management is accessible to everyone today, make use of it.

Availability management

The saying goes: “Take more time to concentrate on guest satisfaction instead of rental management. You will get better reviews and therefore more bookings.” There’s a simple way to make this true for you: a Property Management System combined with a Channel Manager, both specialised in vacation rentals of course. The PMS takes care of rental management and the Channel Manager of connectivity. Get more bookings from more sources, say goodbye to double bookings and never login to different websites again to update your calendars and pricing.