6 vacation rental amenities guests are willing to pay extra for

Whether you’re looking to potentially raise the price of your property or increase those low season bookings, revising your vacation rental amenities is an absolute must. So what is it that guests are looking for when booking a place over another? What are the triggers that make them choose your vacation rental? We found THE 6 amenity types that make heads turn.

1. Smart home devices

There are many ideas here of devices you could easily implement and that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. For example, a Smart TV which allows you to watch Netflix is a definite plus; a nest thermostat that adjusts the temperature remotely and smart key locks for your check-ins is the newest trend amongst successful vacation rental professionals.

Then for the music lovers there are smart speaker systems like the extremely cool Sonos system: control from your phone the loudness and music in every room of the vacation rental.

2. Small kitchen luxuries

It’s the small things that make a difference… Have you ever had guests that brought their Nespresso capsules with them and were disappointed when they found out that your coffee machine doesn’t take them? A Nespresso *even if you can’t stand George Clooney 🙂* is a total must and do leave some complementary capsules. Other essential kitchen extras include:

  • a nutribullet juicer
  • beautiful sharp knives
  • a rice cooker
  • a kitchen robot

3. An Ipad

You might think that it’s too much of a luxury but making an Ipad (even a second-hand one) available to your guests is a eye-catcher in your advert description. And remember, you are protected by your security deposit. Now get yourself a digital welcome book and wait for those raving reviews to come in.

4.Things to get around with

Providing your guests with something that enables them to move around for free is another sure way to separate yourself from the rest. If you have the space to store bicycles we would highly advise to do so (no space? if your city has bike-rental program why not leave your card as a complimentary gesture!). Other ideas:

  • Even if your guests are not the skateboarding types, leaving a skateboard is an eye-catcher.
  • And if your rentals by the sea? leave a surfboard!!

5. Something to swing in

What better way to enjoy your trip/vacation than to swing in a rocking chair or a hammock? They don’t only look cool on photos they also feel good! Promote relaxation as much as possible because that’s what we’re after when we’re on holidays.


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